There are plenty of ways to bring your prospect into presentation. Enhance your invitation skills by learning the magic scripts on how to set an appointment. You have to study which technique will work for your prospects. It is because we have different kinds of prospect we have to find which approach will be more effective. Have a mindset that your prospect needs you. Don’t be discouraged if your prospect says no. Be prepared because not all will say yes, don’t stop prospecting because you will get yes on the person who are serious about the business.  Don’t get upset if you get rejection especially from your friends or family, they rejected the idea and not you.

Qualify your prospect first before you invite. See if they are good match for the business. Check first if your prospect can able to do the business than other on your list.

Tips on asking

  • Ask questions that will answer by Yes.
  • Short conversation and a timely follow up is more effective than too much chat.

Direct Approach

Tell your prospect directly what it’s all about. Keep the information simple and don’t exaggerate. Set your appointment.  You will be wasting your time when your prospect already knows it. Sample Script: I’m going to a meeting and you’re welcome to join us. We’re going to meet new friends and talk about opportunities. Do you agree that having new friends who can help us is great?  If yes then let’s go.

They will surely come if there is something they can get on the presentation. Emphasize the benefits of presentation.

Third Party Invitations

Ask your prospect indirectly. You have to know the reactions of your prospect. Make your prospect become interested to the presentation. Sample Script: Do you know someone who wants earn money on part-time without leaving the current job or someone who wants to have big interest on their investment.

The will recommend themselves if the offer is good to know all about it. Then if it’s good to be true, they will come with you.


Give your materials to your prospect. It can be your Video Presentations and reading materials. You can do this if your prospect can’t find time to visit your presentations. Lending them your materials will always remind him of you. Ask to call back before and after the materials are viewed, but it is much better to be with him while viewing the presentation. Sample Script: I would like to give our business presentation materials to you. Have an open mind and take a look on our presentation. It will only take you 15-30mins to check it.  I will call you back later to ask if you are interested.

Seek Advice

Ask for suggestions or advice. People feel they are important when you ask for an advice. They are happy to help and share their expertise.  Sample Script: Application: I know you are expert on this and I need your companion to check this new opportunity. Join me on the presentation.

You can ask some male or female opinion

People are egoistic, they like to be bold when they know something. Just like when you ask the direction of some place, then tend to stop what they are doing and answer your questions. Sample Script: Can I ask female opinion “if you are talking to a girl” it is because I just want to here some of your advice. Then simple find a way to turn out your conversation smoothly to invite him or her in to your presentation.


These scripts can bring you haft way to make your prospect come into your presentation. Make them interested and excited.

Invitation is a skill, it can be sharpen and enhance. Your prospect may reject your invitation yesterday but not today.