Victory Global Capsule has a comprehensive formula with a combination of multiple anti-oxidant that is rich in nutrients and minerals with strong potency, synergistically formulated in capsule form. It helps the body in neutralizing the damaging effects of free radicals to effectively combat various illnesses and the aging process. VG Caps is also an alkaline producing supplement which ingredients are safe to use and natural in form, thus preserving the potency of its nutrients the way nature intended to be. It represents all in one nutritional food supplement which prevents various illness, while at the same time repairs body damages and enhancing the regeneration of cell. Every capsule contains 500mg with the first 250mg, a mixture of Philippine most nutritious and powerful vegetable leaves of Malungay, Ampalaya, Saluyot, Siling Labuyo, Camote, Gabi and Papaya. The other 250mg is a combination of minerals promoting body alkalinity serving as conduit in bringing nutrition in to the trillion cell of the body.

General Function of VG Caps

For cleansing/detoxification – VGCaps has the capability to detoxify and cleanse our body, most especially our intestines which maybe full of unreleased toxins. The combination of right ingredients in its processing, promotes powerful detoxification while it cleanse our intestine by inducing toxic waste to leave our body.

For Cellular Nutrients

The science of cellular nutrition is discussed in plenty of books, although vaguely defined and explained. The cell regeneration process needs enough supply of food nutrition which in turn, need minerals to serve as a safeguards for its entry in the cells. Therefore, enough nutrition and minerals are necessary in feeding and protecting our body cells. All kinds of degenerative diseases starts with the malfunctioning and destruction of a single cell. VGCaps contains complete nutrition for our cell.

For Alkalizing

Most people suffering from degenerative diseases are acidic and their illness start with the destruction or malfunctioning of their cells by free radicals (toxins) coming from environment and nutritional deficiency. These cancer cells will create neoplasm and when the body is acidic, its growth can easily be accelerated resulting into cyst, tumors, cancer or any kind of degenerative diseases. To prevent illness, the body should be alkalized because cancer cells will neutralize in an alkaline environment. VGCaps contains minerals for fast alkalizing effect.

Victory Global Capsule

Every capsule contains 500mg with the first 250mg, a mixture of Philippine most nutritious and powerful vegetable leaves of Malungay, Ampalaya, Saluyot, Siling Labuyo, Camote, Gabi and Papaya. The other 250mg is a combination of minerals promoting body alkalinity serving as conduit in bringing nutrition in to the trillion cell of the body.

The Seven Philippine Most Nutritious Vegetable

What Product is loaded with these seven nutritious vegetable?

VGCaps is made containing these seven most nutritious vegetable that is why the healing benefits from taking VGCaps is very effective.

7 most powerful vegetable

7 most powerful vegetable


  1. Called as “The Miracle Tree” in “Ayurveda Medicine” by India healers.
  2. It is used to treat more than 300 kinds of disease.
  3. Powdered dried leaves can clean contaminated water.
  4. Contains “Pterygospermin”, a bacterial and fungicidal compound that pushes its strong antibiotic property
  5. Good for skin treatment. Contains Lutien
  6. Anti-inflammatory in healing wounds and swelling
  7. Its juice can lower blood sugar in 3 hours
  8. Anthelementic – can kill intestinal worms
  9. For lactating mothers it increases milk production
  10. Acts as coagulant.
  11. Used for feeding livestock’s (mixed in feeds)
  12. Seeds contains Ben oil (behenic acid) used for cooking and beauty products.
  13. Used by HIV and AIDS infected individuals
  14. Continuous consumption increases sperm count
  15. Actively cultivated by AVRDC, the principal internationalcenter for vegetable research and development in the world.


  1. The only vegetable that is rich in iodine.Contains anthocyanidins that include apoptosis in humanpromyolocitic leukemia cells.
  2. Anthocyanidins (anthocyanins) are strong anti-oxidant with anti-tumural compounds that has chemopreventative action against cancer.
  3. Lower blood sugar and cholesterol in patients with type diabetes.


Very good source of thiamin, riboflavin, iron, phosphorous, niacin, potassium, copper, manganese and zinc which are important in human body’s health maintenance and recovery from illnesses


  1. Used to relieve pain and itching, nasal congestion, colds, fever and headache
  2. Active ingredient is a compound called ‘CAPSAICIN’ which is cardio vascular stimulant.
  3. For obesity and add-on treatment of diabetes
  4. Anti-inflammatory – used for relieving pain and treating arthritis
  5. Rich in potassium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, vitamin A, B and C
  6. For poor appetite and improving digestion


  1. Contains momordicin used to treat type II diabetes and used to increase production of beta cells by the pancreas thereby improving body’s ability to produce insulin.
  2. Endorsed by the department of health (DOH)
  3. Used to treat skin disease, sterility in women and also function as purgative.
  4. Used for treating and preventing malaria and HIV infections.


  1. Used for health and beauty by the Egyptians like Cleopatra.
  2. Rich in beta carotene which is anti-oxidant ( ANTI-CANCER) and good for eyesight
  3. Rich in iron for healthy red blood cells.
  4. Rich in calcium, vitamin A,C and E which are all anti-oxidants.
  5. Regular consumption makes skin look younger.


  1. Used as dewormer
  2. Used as prophylaxis against malaria
  3. Rich in enzymes called as papain and chemopapain
  4. Papain is used to treat arthritis.
  5. Papain is used in treatment of cuts, rashes, stings and burns

Ex: Harrison ford used papain for treating his cuts and burns during an accident in the making of his movie entitled ‘INDIANA JONES’ and ‘TEMPLE OF DOME’.

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