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Use FORM “gather information” before presentation



Basically form is filling up information to gather data. That information can be use to know who you are talking with and what message or advice can you give. I want to share how I use FORM effectively.

  • Family
  • Occupation
  • Recreation
  • Message

This is a simple interview but before you make this interview you have to get your prospect trust and attention. Who would give information to the people we never know. Tell about your self, your goal and your sincerity to help. This is very important, people will not communicate to the person they can’t trust.

The goal of this FORM is to know the selling point of your prospect. You can deliver the right message on your presentation if you know the needs and wants of your prospects.

Know the FAMILY background. Asking for health history will give you what product is best for them. Tracing hereditary health problem for cure and prevention are best selling point.

Base on their OCCUPATION you can determine if they have a wealthy lifestyle. You can talk about having time freedom and financial independence. Every one will agree to become prosperous and that is another selling point to introduce your opportunities.

Observing their RECREATION will help you to check their connections other than their family and occupation. It is their usual hobby. It is their free time with their family, friends and other extra activities. Knowing this can help you set appointment and schedule to bring them to special meetings.

It’s time to give your MESSAGE. When you have all the details, you can deliver the exact message that your prospects wants and the presentations strength is more convincing.

I want to share this FORM method in getting data of information about your prospect because you can have the chance to touch their heart when you properly address your message, sincerity and love.

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