August 2, 2016 To our Dear Distributors and Partners, DLC’s Ultimate Infinity Pr…


August 2, 2016
To our Dear Distributors and Partners,
DLC’s Ultimate Infinity Program, the 4th Generation Marketing Plan, will change the landscape of MLM in the next few decades. It works on the very important principle that we need to pay bonuses based on National Sales. This plan will officially be launched on August 4, 2016.
With the new system, prices will have to be adjusted to include an increase that we get from your customers for your retail profit. Please note that this retail profit will be rebated back to you every week so that finally you will make some money from retailing instead of always selling products at distributor or wholesale price. However, the price adjustment have also factored in taxes in the Philippines PLUS we would like to take this opportunity to also increase the ratio of our POV to our DP because only then will this adjustment lead to an immediate increase to your income.
Over the years, there is a tendency for some leaders, who do not understand or take the time to come to company meetings to learn or communicate with us, to spend time turning things to become negative even though we put our hearts out in Taiwan to make things better for all. I hope it will not happen this time. We have spent enough time destroying ourselves from within. Please write to me if you have any questions.
Very truly yours,
Grace ChaiDLC Founder & President

Diamond Lifestyle Corporation

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