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Learn and get wisdom.

A distributor did not succeed alone by the volume of sales from his organizations but from the training he learned. The success ingredients are never cooked with few recipes. Learning is important, but the more important is to apply what you learned.

Those cards remind me of what should I do.

The name card can create good impressions to your business. Well design and elegant business card can attract people to get interested in your business. It can also reflect your business so make sure that your business card is good. Your business card may be the cheapest things you can give away with pride and smile. The name card is also a sign that you are investing in your business. If you cant invest for a little thing how much more for your big business.

The reasons why I chose to do network marketing.

You Can Surely Make Millions In MLM within 5 Years. – You may not become successful in your first and second year but your experiences and skills will be hone and matured. The third and fourth year may be not really good but it will make you wise enough do master your business. If you fail doing MLM in five years just don’t quit because I will tell you to have another five years. In ten years of doing MLM it is impossible for you not to make good income and if you don’t, you never learned MLM at all.

Read your company manuals

The company manual contains information about the company. It is very important to know how was company started and how their business works. The manual set the rules and guides. Knowing and these will make you the better representative of your company. There are many reasons why you should read your company manuals such us, […]

How to reach people for your business?

The ways of reaching people are evolving with technology. From post mail to email and telephone to mobile phone are the evidences of change. I’ve seen successful distributor how they reach people in the 90’s, I testified myself the big improvement of today over the past decade. The most important is they become millionaire without the technology of today.

How to invite your prospect into presentation?

There are plenty of ways to bring your prospect into presentation. Enhance your invitation skills by learning the magic scripts on how to set an appointment. You have to study which technique will work for your prospects. It is because we have different kinds of prospect we have to find which approach will be more effective.


The company began when a handful of long-time friends, who had years of experience in the field of network marketing, gathered together and said, “Let’s create a network where people value relationships more than money, where each member is treated like family, where hard work is compensated equally at all levels, and where every individual who joins is significant to the whole family.

Victory Global Unlimited Systems Inc

Victory Global is a Mission and Vision Driven company founded firmly and passionately on the wealth of determination to be one of the best in the leverage marketing industry by a group of entrepreneurs, business analyst who pledge to build and grow the company with their expertise in financial services, corporate management, organization development, sales and marketing in tandem with their knowledge in human development training.