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Every capsule contains 500mg with the first 250mg, a mixture of Philippine most nutritious and powerful vegetable leaves of Malungay, Ampalaya, Saluyot, Siling Labuyo, Camote, Gabi and Papaya. The other 250mg is a combination of minerals promoting body alkalinity serving as conduit in bringing nutrition in to the trillion cell of the body.

DLC Elevator Plan

An innovation is what you can see in mind of the MLM Guru Mr. Eddy Chai, some people online call him Edward Chai and sometimes they called him MLM God. The man who hates binary is now using the term binary for DLC Elevator Plan. The new marketing plans convey “Stability of stair step plan […]

The Gold Prices and Silver Prices

The value of gold and silver today is cheaper than the next 5 five to 10 ten years or in the long term. It is because of the demand of its usage in our technology. Our electronic devices and and appliances contain silver and some of them contain gold. These kind of metal can’t be created or reproduce.