Monoline MLM Breakthrough

This year 2013, Monoline becomes more popular since it was introduce by Mandura “the first company ever to implement a compensation plan called the Straight Line Forced Matrix way back October 2008.” The old school of network marketing will always work but innovation will always stand out. Monoline is a breakthrough fast start income that gives momentum on unilevel, binary, and stair steps compensation plan.

Company who start with Monoline

  • Mandura
  • Xyngular
  • Oks-Global
  • Lifestyle M&Co
  • PDA Rice Network Enterprises
  • Elite Gold Access –

The company who adopted monoline

  • Ultimaxbiz
  • Clasique Herbs
  • VitaHerbs
  • PeakLife
  • Lifestyle M&Co

The advantage of monoline

You will get an organization with the help you your upline and watch them grow. You can practice your responsibility as an upline. Of course you get compensated fast depending on the percentage that the company put on your line and level.

How monoline works?

The structure of your downline will be base on the time stamp of joining. Simply it is a first come first serve and who ever join after you will be your network. Even the new distributor was invited by your upline, the system implement the rules that who ever come first deserved to get benefits. The bonus will always depend on the compensation policy of the company using this monoline system. Some other requires you to sponsor at least two people to be qualified in the bonus and maintenance. Check your company compensation manual and learn the policy.

Why Monoline is good, better or the best?

Eddy Chai is one of the non-believers of mono-line. “I have not studied the Mono-Line plan. You all know that I am a strong believer that wide is the only way to go in MLM and that even binary or any Forced Matrix plan is not a good idea.” – Eddy Chaisource facebook

I understand from what he said that he did not studied the mono-line.

Straight line force matrix has been proved by Mandura and Xyngular to help the distributor to be able to get momentum in fast start income. The system can be followed by another kind of compensation plan like, unilevel, binary or stair step bonus.

Other people believe that Mono-line is for lazy people, but it isn’t true for the people who have the real intention to help. You still have the option to work and invite more so mono-line don’t break the rule that you should stop sharing. It so happen that monoline let you leverage on the people who will join before and after you. It its because even your upline will always place a new distributor on the new member.

Attitudes are more important than facts

We have learned how to manage and control many facets of our environment.  Yet one thing still eludes us: We have yet to gain mastery over ourselves, over our thinking, and over our lives.

Thought is the original source of all success, prosperity, and happiness in the world.  All of the history’s great discoveries and inventions are the results of ideas and thoughts.

Thinking is the highest form of activity humans are capable of performing, yet few people really think.  Too often you trick yourself into believing you are thinking because you are aware of some mental activity going on in your mind.  Most of the time you are simply exercising the mental faculty known as recall by which you replay your past experiences, much like music on a tape, in the form of mental pictures or images that have been previously recorded in your subconscious mind.

Habits are a significant influence in your life.  They can be the best of servants, and help you reach new heights; equally they can be the worst of masters.  We must continue learning throughout our lives in order to remain competitive, competent and productive people.

Scarcity is the mother of selfishness, jealousy, aggressiveness, and resentment.  Abundance is the mother of prosperity, creativity, kindness and love.

To bring about change in yourself is not the easiest thing in the world to do.  It takes a great deal of desire, self-discipline, concentration and effort- which is why few people actually change significantly in their lifetime.

The Philippines Companies that are Selling Barley Products

There are many testimonials shared by the people who recover and gain their health back with the help of barley products. Many companies are now promoting barley because of customers demand. Even celebrities experience the healing power of barley when they got healed and survive from cancer breast like Maritoni Fernandez “actress” and prostate cancer survivor April Boy Regino “singer.”

Santé International the Barley Company

The barley company who introduce by “Kuya Kim Atienza.” Their tri-media advertisement and product testimonials help more people to know how barley can cure and improved our health. All of their products has green barley and already proved its effectiveness. They barley authority I know for selling pure green barley is Santé International.

Victory Global Unlimited System Inc.

VGCaps is the banner products of this company because of the amazing synergistic effect of the seven most nutritious vegetable in the Philippines. The barley products explosions to the market convince that green barley must be also in VGUSI product list. VGUSI introduces Barley Products last year 2012 and established many good user testimonials from using their brand Pure Green Barley.

My Livelihood My Business

This company introduces primarily the raw materials of livelihood products. Perfume making, dishwashing liquid, detergent powder, hand sanitizer and other house hold products are more on their promotions. Amazingly they also introduce barley products because its benefits. While the barley products are in demand then it will be good options on livelihood retail business.

Vita Herbs Philippines Direct Sales

I want to call this company “The coffee project” because they have their advantage in mixing coffee. They can create coffee on what ever ingredient that blends in coffee. Mixing barley in their coffee is a very good idea for coffee lover. People can enjoy the coffee while having the benefits of barley in their drinks.

Healthwealth International Corporation

Their green barley was the first barley products I used to try. They were the first to introduce barley to make it popular in the Philippines. (HWIC) was formally established last March 18, 2006, by a group of businessmen and professionals who aim to provide good nutrition and at the same time develop a livelihood for its customers and consumers. Having good health is being wealthy; being wealthy is to be healthy.

Where to buy Barley Products

You can look for the person who is a distributor of the product you like. You can also call the office numbers that you can found on their websites. You can also have the advantage to buy online but I recommend that it is best for you to visit the office and buy green barley products at the counter. I’ll be more willing to assist you if you like. You can leave a comment with your contact number and let me introduce my self properly to you.

Getting your dream is a reward, being happy is life

We start to believe in our dreams and knowing that on the career we chose can help us to get there. All leaders will inspire and motivate you often times and especially when you almost wanted to quit.

Never, never, never quit

Your dedicated commitment to get your dreams for what ever it takes will gives so much hope, but having a happy life along the way is not a promise. You have to consider and sacrifice many things. You might miss your friends or family and live outside your comfort zone. Time frame is important because doing it for a long time is like losing your happy life while you are not aware of it.

Your future is the sum of your past and present condition. Weather your past is good or bad, make your present condition turn good and the future will always follow what ever your present condition is. It is because your future starts with what you are thinking now.

You can work hard to get your dreams, and you can also work even smarter! But if you aren’t happy then your dreams will always getting away. Being happy gives more attraction to your dreams. Give passion and commitment into your work and it will come towards you.

Don’t sacrifice your happiness

There is always another way of success without throwing away your happiness in the process or else sacrifice only for a short time.  There is always a way to be happy while achieving your goals.

You can always have a good future and it is nice to be good on start and while on process. If it isn’t good, then a little mindset and inspiration can handle your self to be good starting from within and making it for real.

I wrote down happy!

When I was five years old my mom always told me that happines is the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up and I wrote down happy. They told me that I didn’t understand the assignment. I told them they didn’t understand life.

What motivates me might also motivate you.

What motivates me might also motivate you.

I want to share what motivates me why I keep doing something for myself and others. Simply I love things that make me happy. I can be happy within but I can be more happier when I share it to others.

My motivation is to go over beyond what I am now; yes I always look for the better and learn to know how to get there. Motivations plus inspirations is a good combination. When you get inspires your motivations increase.

So what motivation do I have in life?

Family – My family gives so much love and understanding to me, they motivate me to share everything I have in returns. They are the people who will understand you and never leave you what ever happen to you. It is where I can barrow strength and keep on moving. Thanks the love and understanding from my family.

Friends – Reaching others people and touch their life is more fun. Sharing the same thing in common “love and happiness” is the great part. Even at the saddest part, I’ll be glad to be there to motivate them and give inspirations and be inspired.

You – People who reach me like you can add to my motivations. Meeting new people, strangers and new friends increase my hope and inspirations. Starting from you I’ll be more grateful to all.

Legacy – I want to leave this world with my legacy, I want to give the blueprint of my life how I manage to live a happy life. Take care for we can meet again next life.

God – I keep my spirit high. Our Almighty God can never fail to support and give strength. This motivation to reach what I want will always be pleasant to God and I’ll be inspired for His blessing.

These are the things that motivate me and I love to share this to you.


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