Gold Is The Best Way To Preserve And Increase Your Capital.

You can multiply your money buy turning it to gold. I mean your can turn money into gold by buying and having it. The gold value is very potential to increase in the future because of its demand.

You can buy gold from EMGOLDEX. Even if you hear bad thing like most people think of EmGoldex is a scam. Sometimes it is not good to listen. What’s wrong of buying gold and at the same time you have the privilege to earn money.

Your gold will be delivered to your home when you buy from EmGoldex online store; you just have to wait for the process and delivery time. Don’t worry about EmGoldex if it is scam, as long as you can get what you pay for then there is no proved that the online store scam you.

You can increase your capital by joining their program that allows your purchase to earn bonus when your reach the exit or graduated on the table of orders.

Don’t worry about the requirements and don’t think that you are doing it alone. Your group will help you to do the business and you can do the same to help people under you. Sometimes you can earn without exerting too much effort but I suggest giving a hand and helping to grow your network is a good leadership. It is a helping business and touching people’s lives.

All you have to do is to decide now and join EmGoldex program. Everything that you must learn about EmGoldex must always be from the EmGoldex successful person.

You can also buy gold traditionally on other online store. But only EmGoldex can offer this kind of opportunity to you to increase your capital.

Invest in pre-selling condominiums

Buying condominium is a good idea when the potential ROI “return of investment” is good. Most people think that buying condominium is for the purpose of having a place to live and stay. They forgot to think that condos could be a good source of income if it is located on strategic locations.

The advantage of pre-selling stage is having the price that can be resell with higher value after turn over. The value of it might increase from 5% to 10% and that is huge interest could be better than the bank interest can give. It could increase more as time goes by.

When you should buy condominiums?

You can earn from buying pre-selling condo. – You can grab the opportunity to buy it at low price and resale it on turn over price. Buy more if you can afford because people will always look practical place to live matching with their lifestyle.

If the unit can give more interest or ROI versus Time Deposit. – When the demand increase the value of the unit will also increase. Not like time deposit that you already know what can you get on the next few years.

If it is located in strategic location like business area, schools and easy transportation. – Having one or more units is not a problem when you cannot sell it. You can offer a rental for the people nearby like students, employee and tourist. They prepare to rent a condo if the transportation fare “money” will compensate the rent price. They can also consider the time efficiency if your condo unit is just a walk away and having easy transportation from their destinations.

When you are ready to buy condominium unit now?

Make everything legal; don’t give away your money to the unknown agent. Check and confirm that the agent that you are dealing is accredited and allow handling the transactions. It is always proper to transact on the office and make sure of everything. Most OFW investors had a bad and fraud experience on the agent.

Here is sample computation from R Square Residence pre-selling spot cash.


Floor Area: 20.00 sqm
Price Per sqm.: 99,562.50
Total Contract Price: 1,991,250
Less: 10%
Discount: (199,125.00)
Miscellaneous Fees: 119,475.00
Net Total Contract Price: 1,911,600.00

AFTER 3 YEARS or 2018

Floor Area: 20.00sqm
Price Per sqm: 132,550
Total Contract Price: 2,651,000
Less: 3%
Discount: (79,530)
Miscellaneous Fees: 159,060.00
Net Total Contract Price: 2,730,530.00

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AskUpline Investment Category Blogs.

Making money in network marketing is a good blessing and putting money on the right basket makes it more valuable. This blog is now having an investment category where you can find information and facts that you can learn where to put your extra money to make it grow.

Let us learn the best and easy ways of investing. How would you like to know where you could put money in different kind of investment category. You can find some real estate update where give figure of your return of your investment in a couple of year. We can recommend trending investment that can be scale from low to high-end budget like buying precious metal such as gold and silver.

This category can educate reader to the advantage of a certain investment and take care of the disadvantage of it. I know that this category will be more interesting for all networkers who want to keep their sleeping money grows.

Why You Should Buy or Invest in Gold or Precious Metal?

Gold is an investment when the value is increasing just like property or land. While it is unlikely to buy land portions by portion, alternatively you can buy gold each by gram and your money can turn to something valuable in the future.

Your gold can be use in times of emergency. Instead of getting bank loan with 5% interest you can use your gold to bring at the pawnshop for 1-2% interest because most likely they give low interest.

Buying gold is better than buying expensive gadgets. The fast phase of technology innovation is pushing the old gadget cut down its value, while gold might be more expensive as time goes by. You might be one of the people who bought expensive gadget few months ago and now selling it at low price because of the new things out there.

I’ve been to Singapore and meet the owner of I am glad to help him on search engine optimization. This turn of event gives me knowledge to learn more things about gold.

Please be careful of buying gold or any precious metal! Look for a credible store that can give certificate of purity and legality. Don’t let your hard earn money gone because you are not aware of fraud.

I have a very high respect in gold and I don’t want to use it to deceive people interest to make more money out of it by recruitment schemes.

Invest your time and make money

Time is gold! It is when you invest your time on profitable things. Spend your time on learning and sooner or later you discover how to make money. We are all have the given time to look for money. The time you waste might be the time you’ve miss the opportunity to do something that can turn to gold. You might be sleeping while others are on their way searching for their gold mine; they already got the gold that could be yours only if you act earlier.

Time is what we all have but not everybody knows how to use it to create an abundant life. The people who succeed know how to use their time wisely. They think and act not to delay things in order of importance.

Invest your time in learning

You have to know how successful people think and workout their prosperity. Find all the common things, attitude, skills and character of the rich and successful person that you know. Have a research about them, their background and get some inspirations. It is easy to learn when you are curious and inspired.

Invest your time in doing what you’ve learned

Knowledge is power, but the applied knowledge is more powerful. The law of cause and effect is true when you start something then it will create a result weather it is good or bad. Act as if is you are not going to fail. Trust all the things you’ve learned and remember all the experiences you had because the experience is the best teacher of all time.  It is easy to act when you are motivated; it is where you become more energetic and active when you are motivated.

Invest your time in sharing your experience

You’re experience will always be a good example. Your influence and motivation to others is strong because of your experiences. Sometimes we cannot teach people but we can show how by being a good example and testimonial.

Invest your time to love and be love.

Achievement, awards, and recognition is nothing without the knowing what love is. Being famous at all time would be gone in time, when you become old. Invest your time to learn to love and be love for it is the things what will never fade when you found it true. It is the greatest investment you can have with or without money.

If you understand all these investment principle then money will just be there in front you abundantly. When you learn how rich people does then act and think like them; money will start to flow in your hand most likely when you share your blessing and help others to do the same.

What should I Invest In Network Marketing?

I will share the important things that you should invest in Network Marketing Business. There are three major investments that you have to focus study and grow. These are the money, time, and teaching people to become a leader of network marketing business.


You have to invest money in order to gain money and the system of your network marketing company will help you to grow your business. Network marketing business is like buying the system that will work for you and all the details will explain in the marketing plan or the business model of your network marketing company.

You also need to buy tools for your business like business card presentation kit or business kit and your daily expense when you are doing the business. Pay for special training like leadership or team building that will make you more knowledgeable about your business. Joining the event and company gathering will also squeeze your money out. Invest on those things because it is needed. Why? Because you have to be involve in all of your company activities and that will also develop the leadership in you. Getting involved will gives you the experience which can help us to learn quickly.


If you want to save time you have to invest in time. You don’t have to delay the things that you can do now. The author of The Greatest Salesman in the word said “Tomorrow is day reserve for the lazy.” We all don’t know if tomorrow will come with the same opportunity.

You have to invest time to learn about your business, the product and strategies to grow your network. Learning the business as quickly as you can able you to help more people in your organization. You also have to give time to teach your organization and use your time in mastering leadership.


You have to invest in yourself first because you are the first people in your prospect list. Be presentable and let your business partner copy your good deeds. Your prospect list is the inventory or the list of people you want to become successful and you have to include yourself. If you can’t convince yourself then it will become your failure to convince the others. Having a new business partner in your organization is a numbers game most of the time where you have to look for hundreds of people before you have a new sign up.

You can invest on people by teaching them and motivating them. Inspire and influence them with your passion in the business. Your people must learn to do the business properly like you do, they can develop the leadership of their people too and can also help other to become successful. Invest in your people to make them multiply. Leadership is making people grow.

How much will it cost to fund your MLM Company?

Starting a new company is like jumping on a swimming pool. The water stands for money so don’t jump on the pool with out the water because it will hurt you. Jump on the pool with water will make you able to swim but with out experience; not knowing how to swim will make you drown. Don’t jump on the pool with out knowledge or start your MLM with out knowing how it works.

The typical MLM business needs products, systems, management, legally registered and office to handle transactions. Let me show you how to estimate the starting fund for new business or MLM Company.

Business Registration

The first thing to do first is to register your company for legality. It will only take time and effort to do this. This can cost you not less than 25,000.00 to process your SEC, DTI, Barangay Permit, Business Permit, BIR Registration, and Product Registration like BFAD etc. Also consider how much you can fund your bank for bank certification needed in your applications.

Information Technology Infrastructure

Develop a good system that will help you to monitor and track everything in your business. Your accounting, product inventory, sales record, members’ information and payout incentives must have a good database to reference. You can outsource the system from Software Companies and make them your provider if you can afford their price. When you are looking for cheaper price, look for freelance developer and the also provide good system not less than 200,000.00.


Check how many products must be sold out to cover up the company operational expenses every month and it will be basis how much is your minimum fund for the products. Let say that your company expenses are about to be 100,000.00. When the company gets the 10% from product cost for the operational expenses then you have to fund 1,000,000.000 worth of inventory sales to be sold out every month.

Management Team

You and you’re team must be compensated fairly. The key people in your management team are the board members, lawyers, accountants, IT Professional, and Marketing Leaders. You can fund at minimum salary rate of 20,000.00 each key person. Make them satisfied and they will work accordingly.

Office Maintenance

You can start with small office then move to the bigger space when you’re company is ready. Find the space where you can have training room, stock room, comfort room, and private rooms for office works and meetings. Prepare your budget for electricity, water, rent, and other miscellaneous bills. Let’s say that we have to fund 100,000.00 – 250,000.00 for office space and other bills. Make your office location accessible and easy to navigate.

Now you have the idea how must will cost it you to have your own MLM Company. This budget will be a good start for starting new business. It will always depend on your management and marketing team to make more sales. With out sales your company must add more funds or invest more money to survive.