Note that you cannot change your life by trying to change your life; you cannot change your performance by trying to change your performance.

But you can change the picture-images or internal representation, you hold in your mind that represents your ingrained thinking.  This will bring change in all the other areas of your life that are important to you.

Your beliefs represent conscious decision you have made in the past about yourself and what you expect and do not expect to accomplish.  How you perform in life is largely a function of your deep-seated beliefs.


The total accumulation of data involving everything that has ever happened to you in your life is referred to as your personal belief system, your reality, or the truth as you know, understand and accept to be. It serves as your frame of reference as you continue to experience new things in life and represents the total “programming” your mind has been subjected to, voluntarily or involuntarily, up to now.

The breakthrough comes when you realize that the belief system you now possess is generally unreliable, since it is based on information that is often inaccurate, insufficient, or irrational.

People acquire their beliefs from their prior experiences- or more correctly, from their interpretation of these prior experiences.

Therefore, any particular belief you may now hold is more of a subjective opinion than an objective fact.  Only by the critical reassessment of long-standing beliefs can you change them and move ahead with your life.  This necessarily involves doing some…deep, concentrated thinking.

You have what you’ve got by doing what you’ve been doing thinking in the particular manner you have become accustomed to.

If what you want the future to be different from what you’ve got in the present,  you have to change what you’ve been doing!

There will always be impediments between what you want and what you’ve got.

Your attitude toward these temporary obstacles, rather than the obstacles themselves, will determine in the end whether you succeed or fail.

Think like a winner

If you want to get the results that winners get, you must first think like a winner thinks.  How does a winner think?

  1. Winners are not born, they are made.
  2. The dominant force in your existence is the thinking you engage in.
  3. You are empowered to create your own reality.
  4. There are benefits to be had from every adversity.
  5. Each one of your beliefs is a choice.
  6. The only real limitations on what you can accomplish in your life are those you impose on yourself.
  7. There can be no great success without great commitment.
  8. You need the support and cooperation of other people to achieve any worthwhile goal.


The rewards you receive in life come as a result of your performance, not your potential.

The beliefs you hold are the direct result of all the thinking you have, or have not, engaged in. Beliefs are latent but powerful forces buried deep in the confines of your mind.  Your beliefs, in turn, create your expectations about results and future outcomes.  Expectations are active forces at work in your mind.  Your expectations, in turn, determine your attitude, your attitude once expressed, determines your behavior.

When you change your thinking, you change your belief;
When you change your beliefs, you change you expectations;
When you change your expectations, you change your attitude;
When you change your attitude, you change your behavior;
When you change your behavior, you change your performance;
When you change your performance, you change your life.

How to make prospect list?

Your prospects are a very important in building your network marketing business. You cannot grow network marketing business when you don’t have the people to join in your organization. Prospect list will be your inventory of people that you are going to invite to present your business.

Warm Market Prospect

The people that you already know are the warm list. It starts with your family, relative, friends and the person who knows you.

Cold Market Prospect

The people who surround you are your cold market prospect. They are likely strangers that you approached and share conversations. The opportunity to know their name and a little about them can be recorded in your cold list.

Planning your prospect list

Categorize your prospect according to their interest and potential.

Name – list all the person that you can recall the sort it out while checking on their potential

Contact – establishing ways to connect is important, it could be an email address, phone number or home address.

Background – Getting to know about their background will give you some idea how you can approach them. You can learn their behavior and mode of communication and interest.

Wants – You can always win when you know about their weakness and that is their wants. They might want material things, activities, and opportunities. You can invite them by showing what they want.

Appointment – Set the time on the appointment date. You can learn how to invite prospect into presentation in my previous post.

Remarks – You can update remarks after the appointment is done by invest (when joined), follow up(to keep positive), products(interested on products only) and new referral.

Example Prospect List Table

Name Contact Background Wants Appointment Remarks
Dangal facebook Blogger McBook Air Sat 7 pm invest
Gilbert C 0933… Businessman Baby Morning Invest
Jun Kintanar 0920… MLM Legend Opportunity None
VJ Gonzalez 0927… Coach Influence Jan 25 follow up
Laire L 0919…. Student Extra income none
Lutchie D  … OFW Business none

List all the people you know starting with your warm list and cold list. Religiously add prospect list every time you remember names or meet new friends and strangers.

All of them are possible to join with your business and you will get people who see the same visions that you see. They are will become your new leaders who believe that there is something good to happen.

Prospect listing is a numbers game, the more you list the more you have the probability to get new leaders. Only few on my prospect list had joined me and they bring more people as I never expected.

How to get prospect from your cold market?

Giving away flyers with your contact information and direct approach to offer your business are the traditional ways of getting new leads or prospects. Advertisement in newspaper or online ads is also proven effective but you have to invest in your marketing expenses. Receiving interested response from your flyer, news paper ads and starting a good conversation is a good sign of new leads.

The magnetic sponsoring tools and video tutorials can help you to generate more leads, prospects and money to your business.

How to Impress at Conventions with a Killer Display

Going to conventions and exhibitions can be a fantastic way of promoting your business. You can either meet a wealth of new clients and customers, or find other businesses that can help you grow. They can cost a fair amount to attend, but if you give it your all, they are certainly invaluable, and you should go whenever possible. With certain industries, there may not be as many opportunities, as with others, which means that it’s even more important to make a good impression.

Clearly, one of the most important things to think about is your customer service; you want to be remembered, but in order to be able to give your visitors this service, you must first attract them to you. The main way of doing this is by having a great display that makes people want to come and visit.

There are many options when it comes to designing your display stand, and you can either go through the whole process yourself, or collaborate with a design company.

Designing a stand is not necessarily straightforward. While a basic idea can be drawn up very quickly, it is the interesting and attention-grabbing exhibitions that will really draw people in; this is after all, exactly what you want. Bespoke exhibition and display stands can really help you stand out from the crowd.


The structure of the display is something that’s being pushed to the limits more and more these days, as exhibitors look to create pieces of art in their stand. While this may seem expensive, many suppliers offer modular aluminium systems that can be easily reconfigured into a variety of different shapes and styles. These modular systems also make fitting lighting and graphics much easier.

Designing the graphics for your exhibition is really something to think about. There are many different options, depending on what look you’re going for. Some companies may make good use of their logo to really imprint the brand on their visitors, where others will attempt to create the illusion of a different environment using their graphics.

Similarly, the lighting will depend on what effect you’re trying to achieve. Bright lights that clearly illuminate what you want visitors to see are important, but you may find that softer or coloured lights are more effective in creating a particular atmosphere.

It is likely that you will be limited by the space that you’re allowed to cover, which means that it’s important to make good use of space. It’s no use having several members of staff at the display if you can accommodate only a couple of guests at a time. Having information on the walls of the display, and not cluttering floor space will help ensure you don’t lose out on potential clients through lack of room.

Now you know what’s important when designing a display, you can go to a convention knowing that you’ll be able to attract and impress potential clients and customers.

The Priority Principles of the Leader

Priorities never “stay put.”  Priorities continuously shift and demand attentions. H. Ross Perot

To Keep Priorities in place you must evaluate these three important keywords. The 3 R’s.

Requirements – Check if you can provide what you need in time, it is important that you are very prepared in the task so that you can work efficiently. Learn and understand the task if you are the only one who can perform or you are required to act for it.

Return – You have to know what you can get after doing or giving your time. There is no sense or point on giving your priority on a thing that isn’t productive and no benefits.

Rewards – This gives motivation and enthusiasm. Most people give priorities on good rewards and appreciations. What is more rewarding can help you think what to priorities first.

Ask yourself? What am I doing that can be done by someone else?

You have to delegate your work, and as a leader you have to put your trust on your team to accomplished more tasks. You can assign someone to do the opening presentation and you do the closing. This will help you both participate and save more time and energy.

What are the top projects you are doing this month and how long will it takes?

Study the time frame of the work to be done, and don’t add more tasks if it isn’t fit within the time frame. Make a priority to finish one at a time for what comes first is a good practice, but always consider the weight of the things which is more important. Sometimes you have to accomplished small things first even there are bigger projects on your timeline. Learn to organize and you will know what to do from time to time. Time management is important in making priorities.

Dr. Anthony Campolo tells about a sociological study in which fifty people over the age of ninety-five were asked one questions. You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything.

  • If I had it to do over again, I would reflect more.
  • If I had it to do over again, I would risk more.
  • If I had it to do over again, I would do more things that would live on after I am dead.

Make your decision base on the purpose of the organization.

There was a lighthouse keeper who received the oil supply for a month but then he share some supply to help a nearby villager who beg for. It is really good in purpose but when the oil runs out, many ships were wrecked on the shoreline and many lives were taken. He was given oil for one purpose – to keep that light burning.

I found this story very important and I hope you learn so much for this video which requires sacrifice in order of priorities.

You have to know about your priorities, don’t be man without it. You have to control over your life by making priorities and decisions that can make you a better person.

How the Next Generation of Leaders Will Be Found in the Cloud

The idea of the cloud is fast becoming one of the most popular formats in IT, and its applications are being used in many industries. This is certainly true when it comes to human resources, where software is being developed that allows businesses to both train and find the very best staff. In particular, leadership is one of the things most focused on.

The cloud stores all kinds of relevant information about current employees, and serves as an effective database with which to track training, skills and feedback.  This means that businesses can put an effective development system in place.  Encouraging individuals to reach their leadership potential is both valuable and potentially difficult. Using the cloud as a way of tracking developing staff makes the whole process much easier.

It’s not just the details of current positions that can be stored in the cloud. Recruitment is now possible through the same methods, because the skills and attributes of the workforce are held here. Most businesses will prefer to promote their leaders from within; there are many benefits to this, and having a central database means that information is more easily utilised.

The idea of these cloud-based systems is that they are a complete package – all HR requirements can be performed from them more effectively than ever before. They allow for a better overall strategy because the whole picture can be seen; all staff are fully documented. The idea is that a business can look at the software in order see if there are any potential candidates for a position. If there aren’t, a training system can be put in place to bring individuals up to the correct level of skill. Pro-active companies will maintain a training curriculum to ensure that all members of staff are furthering themselves in some way or another, and there are clear goals set to achieve better standards.

Cornerstone lernmanagement lösung supply the complete package of cloud software, which companies can use to ensure that they’ve got the very best leaders working for them.

Invest your time and make money

Time is gold! It is when you invest your time on profitable things. Spend your time on learning and sooner or later you discover how to make money. We are all have the given time to look for money. The time you waste might be the time you’ve miss the opportunity to do something that can turn to gold. You might be sleeping while others are on their way searching for their gold mine; they already got the gold that could be yours only if you act earlier.

Time is what we all have but not everybody knows how to use it to create an abundant life. The people who succeed know how to use their time wisely. They think and act not to delay things in order of importance.

Invest your time in learning

You have to know how successful people think and workout their prosperity. Find all the common things, attitude, skills and character of the rich and successful person that you know. Have a research about them, their background and get some inspirations. It is easy to learn when you are curious and inspired.

Invest your time in doing what you’ve learned

Knowledge is power, but the applied knowledge is more powerful. The law of cause and effect is true when you start something then it will create a result weather it is good or bad. Act as if is you are not going to fail. Trust all the things you’ve learned and remember all the experiences you had because the experience is the best teacher of all time.  It is easy to act when you are motivated; it is where you become more energetic and active when you are motivated.

Invest your time in sharing your experience

You’re experience will always be a good example. Your influence and motivation to others is strong because of your experiences. Sometimes we cannot teach people but we can show how by being a good example and testimonial.

Invest your time to love and be love.

Achievement, awards, and recognition is nothing without the knowing what love is. Being famous at all time would be gone in time, when you become old. Invest your time to learn to love and be love for it is the things what will never fade when you found it true. It is the greatest investment you can have with or without money.

If you understand all these investment principle then money will just be there in front you abundantly. When you learn how rich people does then act and think like them; money will start to flow in your hand most likely when you share your blessing and help others to do the same.

How to invite prospect using Audio Visual Presentation?

It is easy to offer your business when you have a video presentation. If you have a very detailed and attractive audio video presentation and more importantly if the presentation can convert a sales then your job now is to invite prospect to watch the video. You must know all about the video and the message that should be delivered to the audience. This will help you how you can introduce the video presentation to your prospects.

Duration of Time

People are always pretend to be busy when you ask favor or something. Be confident to ask them to watch 5-10 five to ten minutes presentation because it will not take so much of their time. It is more effective when you have the opportunity to introduce the video before your prospect watch it. It is because you can follow up them right after the minutes of presentations. You can immediately know if they are interested or not.

How to invite prospect from your social network?

From any social network that you are in (facebook, twitter, tumblr, myspace friendster, etc.), always start a good conversation first and develop your reputation. Relationship must be first established because you are offering yourself as a friend and later a business partner. If the person rejects your business, you still have them as friend; maybe it is not the right time for them to join in your business.

Start a conversation first before you fire this script:

You : Do you have another extra 5 to 10 minutes to chat with me? “approach with a perfect timing”
Friend : Yes It is too bad if the reply is No. “not to worry because the next line will make it yes.”
You : I try to contact you because I want your opinion about the video I am going to show you. I know you are very good to on this subject. It will be great to have your genius opinion. “Cook his ego”
Friend : Yes “feeling real genius and brilliant”
You : Here is the link and I will ask you again after 5 minutes, “stand by and be with him until he finished watching.”

Everybody wants to be praise on our good traits and being genius for 5 minutes is not a waste of time, I can easily give favor to those people who can is willing to hear my genius opinions. Remember that our prospect is not the negative one, temporally don’t engage them with your business, get back on them when you are already successful.

You : What can you say about the video? If you are interested know more about it, then I will personally invite you to join my team and we will help you to start your business. “Give hint why he should join your team”

The video presentation must be very effective and strong to convince the audience.

Your video marketing must be very attractive and very easy to understand. You might need to change the video presentation when you observed that it doesn’t convert or convince people in to your business. The video marketing page must have good video and forms where the audience can subscribe for your follow up. They will not subscribe when they are not interested. You have to follow up immediately when someone subscribe and grow their interest in the business.

Here are the samples of killer video presentation that will always trigger your prospect to join.

Appointment Setting and Follow up

Don’t fail on this part, your energy and enthusiasm must be relay to the people you have shown your business. They find the business good but they are still looking for good partnership. Show them that you are very sincere in doing business because people are more likely willing to join on the winning team. Immediately set an appointment and discus how will you work as a team. Call back and appreciate their action to inquire about the video presentation. You must be more willingly to assist your new prospect in to the business.

The Advantages of having a Online Video Marketing Presentation

  • It will operate for you 24hours a day.
  • It will convince your audience even if you are sleeping.
  • Your video will never get tired of presenting and explaining what is your business all about.
  • I can handle simultaneous presentation.
  • You already leverage yourself.

Troubleshoot your network. Why are you not making money in network marketing?

As a leader of your network or organization, you have to monitor the front-line leader of your group. I mean you have to check if the people you personally sponsor is making money. If they are not making money, you must troubleshoot them by checking their activities and correct their attitude.

Help all the person that you personally sponsored in the business it is your obligation to check if they are getting their purpose why they join. Understand that not all people you sponsor are after the compensation plan. Some of them wants only to get the products and services at distributors’ price.

Guide their attitude towards the business. Success will not be easy for your team if you fail to correct their attitude. Remind your team about goal setting and check their activities if they are doing it the right way to achieve their goals.

Remind them about the four pillars of success

Make A Decision – If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail. You have to develop a powerful mindset and strong desire to the things that you want.

Take Action – Try and execute your plan, follow a success blueprint of the successful people in your business.

Analyze Result – check your attitude when you fails, you might not doing it correctly. It is time to learn from your experience and ask advice from your mentor. Find out what is missing, understand and keep the lesson you’ve learn from it.

Adjust – You have to prepare again and continue the progress status of your success. Avoid the same mistake and accept new challenges.

You are making money but you are not!

Some distributors are making money but their expenses are greater than the money they earned. They are not really making money in this case. Leaders must also teach their network to save money. Apply the lesson from Robert Kiyosaki who says that “Pay yourself first.” When people get their salary they are going to spend it and what is left goes to their savings. The hard earn money is already gone before they think of putting it on savings. This attitude will make you keep on working because you forgot to invest on something increasing in value. Earnings without savings will not give you time freedom, you will keep on working if you don’t plan put your money on investment where money works for you.

You really have to coach your team, teach them how to do the business more effectively. Always have someone to share their success story to your people. The best motivator is the one who had already accomplished their goals.

The Recipe for Good Network Marketing Presentation

You can convert more sales in doing the right sequence of business presentation. While there are many effective ways of doing this, I want to share you the pattern of my business presentation. This pattern had been so effective for me from the past and I am using this until now.

Proper Acknowledgment and Introduction

Introduce yourself and don’t fail to tell why they should listen to you. Act as if you know everything about what you are talking about.

You have to know the audience in from of you. Some of them might already has the idea that is why you have check them because they can positive or negative. Apply F.O.R.M method of getting data about your audience. Ask about their Family background, Occupation and Recreation so that you can strategically deliver the right Message

Open their mind to the opportunity and touch their heart

Keep them open-minded before you start sharing ideas so that they can appreciate more and understand clearly. Ask them to thing positive and learn something new.

Start talking on the things you have in commons that is in line with the business so that you can relate and connect to each other. You can simply talk about their needs and the things they want to achieve.

Think Big, Dream Big and Know how to get it

To get the small thing is almost the same on getting Big Thing; the only difference is time and effort.

If you are planning to buy a new phone then you have to know its specification and the price so that you can compare and save money for that. The same thing you need to know when you are planning to buy new car or house and lot. Share them how to dream big and write them in details.

  • 5M House and Lot – Rest House
  • 3M Luxury Car – Hummer
  • 2M Savings – funding
  • 1M Travel – Cruise
  • 1M Education – one child
  • 12M Total Amount of your dreams


Feed them the fact that employment will only give survival income while it requires big capital and experience to start with a business.

Source of Income: Employment, Business, Abroad and Network Marketing “the law of leverage”

Regular Employee
20,000 x 12 months = 240,000 years accumulated income
12,000,000 ÷ 240,000 = 50 years of working

Work Abroad
Capital 300,000
Risk Condition “Family, Calamity, Relationship, Contractual, Bad Employer”

Big Capital, Competition, Calamity, Territorial Limit, Human Factor, Experience

The Law of Leverage

All successful people in business use this law to proper like Henry Sy and Lucio Tan. It is the ability to delegate your work and time by others. They did not succeed alone; they succeed because of the others who help them.

Now show them the connection and relation of network marketing to the law of leverage and the company that provides the network marketing system for them.

The Marketing Plan

It’s time to introduce your company profile and the product line. Let them know how the products move in the marketing plan so that they can understand the ways of earnings. Highlight the top selling products or the product that is needed by your audience that is why you have to know the information about them.

Most of the first timer will not understand every details of your marketing plan; just let them remember that it is possible to earn what is written in the marketing plan and the best product they can use. Let them feel your support if they will engage in joining your team. Doing the business is about team effort, it is how the law of leverage works.

Closing Presentation

You have to remove their doubt and fear by showing more about the benefits they can get by joining. Prepare them to avoid discouragement and advice them not to entertain negative people. Invite them to learn more and show them your plan, let them know that you and your team are sincere to help.

Be careful not to push them to join because they might feel unpleasant. The alternative way to ask them to join is to ask them about when you want to get your dreams and you fill find the answer.

Help them how to produce the amount of investment in different ways. Retailing products is the best way to produce the about when your prospect is out of budget. You can advice them to borrow money from their close friend or sell your things that is not making money.

Make sure to introduce your prospect to the successful person in the company so that they can hear more advice how to become successful in the business, they can hear more motivation and inspiration. They can get more idea and understand more the why they should join in the business.