Film Your Life

Are you interested to watch your life story when it was filmed? What kind of person do you want to see yourself in the movie?

This is just another wake-up call to inform you that life is too short and time is too precious to waste on the things that will not bring you into success. Imagine when you we’re born rich or poor! it doesn’t matter, because it is your own responsibility to create your own success. Are you happy to see yourself from rich man to a broke person or a poor struggling person as always. In real life you must not be an actor but a director that can create success that you want.

Don’t let the negatives influence in your life! And be aware that there is always something better you can do. Life is ongoing process that you must adopt every change.

In every chapter of your life you will meet some person that will not appear on the next chapter and there will be a man on the last part. Accept the fact that they have their own story too and they will come and go. Be thankful that you’ve been together on the best chapter of your life.

So what it is in Network Marketing?

Be a recognized leader of your company. Aim and desire the achievements that pay-off your efforts. Your personal goal is your best motivation and inspirations. No other else can teach you effectively where to get courage; it is you who can bring your courage up when you find enough reasons. Network Marketing is not about you and how much money you earn, it is also about leadership of making everybody succeed.

In the end of your life you can tell what a wonderful life you have when everybody appreciate and acknowledge your deeds.

Things That Are Most Difficult To Get People To Do

As a leader you have to show or tell something to your people. You have to give an example and let them know that there is a better way and the best is always to come but they have to do something for improvement.

To Think Differently

We are always thinking normally but only few people think differently. While other are often think of the same thing few people appreciate what is the difference.
Your prospect will think about the opportunity that you are sharing but not all of them will think, “It is for me?” they often go back thinking of their normal life rather than thinking of the good things to happen in the future with your opportunity.

If your prospect is living on their comfort zone, they will not think of it seriously. They can choose to live in their comfortable life and will never try to risk for something better. They fail to think what if this is for me?
Yes. More people are thinking but they are focus on what they learn from the past. They forgot to think of something innovative and more effective ways to have a good life.

To Prioritize

To do things in the order of importance. We keep on doing what we often do and sometimes we neglect to do more important things. Security income like we get from our jobs is important but what more important is to know that it isn’t enough to get the things you want. Knowing which of the task will benefits you more at the certain time and conditions can help you to determine your priority.
We buy expensive things rather than savings for interest or emergency fund.
We work for our boss to make them rich while our boss job is to make sure that we get our salary. Then if you can make your boss rich then why not make it to yourself. Start and mind your own business now.

Wake up and know what else you can do to prioritize. If you know that you cannot be rich being employed then you must know what is more important. Mind your own business.

To Accept Rejections

People are afraid of rejections so they never do the things that they are not sure about. There are many ways to handle rejections specially in sharing your business idea. Remember that people my reject your idea but not you as the person they know so why worry about rejections. Not all people will hit the like button but there is always a person who will. You have to find them and know that without rejection you will not find the right person in your business.

Steps to Success: Decision, Commitment, Planning, Preparation and Action

It takes courage to decide and commit. If you don’t decide nor plan for your life, somebody else will. You know that you wouldn’t be given priority by people who have you as part of their plan or who decide for you.


Decide what you want in life. Will doing the business make/help you realize what you want?


It’s one thing to decide what you want. It’s another thing to make a commitment. A commitment is like a signature on a contract. When you make a deep commitment to a goal, powerful forces come into play, propelling you toward that goal. Many people go through life making decisions but dancing around their commitments. If you want to control your destiny, you must be willing to make a decision on what you want and to make a commitment to achieve it.

To make a successful commitment, you need to do these things:

  • Say goodbye to the past
  • Create your future
  • Cross your Rubicon

You can’t take charge of your life without an awareness of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. You can’t bind your life on the past. The past is gone. Nor you can allow your destiny to be limited by present circumstances. The present is fleeting. The only place left to build your life is in the future. You can create the future by forming a clear vivid picture of what you want and fixing your mental and emotional eyes on that picture.

The past is over. Enjoy the good memories, use the bad ones as lessons in life, and get ready to make some new ones. Your focus should be on the future. The first thing you have to do if you want to commit yourself to a dream is to ditch the past. This means seeking, accepting and embracing change.

Crossing your Rubicon means cutting yourself loose from all your for inaction. Crossing the Rubicon involves risk, but risk taking is an important ingredient in success.


You can’t dream your way into the future. You have to have a plan. You have to know where you want to go and decide how you’re getting to get there.

As you develop your plan, keep this point in mind:

Your present circumstances do not control your options. They establish a starting point, but they don’t determine your destination. To plan effectively, you need to: Set goals, Set priorities and Develop strategies.


You have to execute all of this things. Your action will be more easier if you have all of these preparations. You must act now while others are waiting. Tomorrow is the day reserve for the labor of the lazy. Act as you are already successful and you will end up being successful.

What should I Invest In Network Marketing?

I will share the important things that you should invest in Network Marketing Business. There are three major investments that you have to focus study and grow. These are the money, time, and teaching people to become a leader of network marketing business.


You have to invest money in order to gain money and the system of your network marketing company will help you to grow your business. Network marketing business is like buying the system that will work for you and all the details will explain in the marketing plan or the business model of your network marketing company.

You also need to buy tools for your business like business card presentation kit or business kit and your daily expense when you are doing the business. Pay for special training like leadership or team building that will make you more knowledgeable about your business. Joining the event and company gathering will also squeeze your money out. Invest on those things because it is needed. Why? Because you have to be involve in all of your company activities and that will also develop the leadership in you. Getting involved will gives you the experience which can help us to learn quickly.


If you want to save time you have to invest in time. You don’t have to delay the things that you can do now. The author of The Greatest Salesman in the word said “Tomorrow is day reserve for the lazy.” We all don’t know if tomorrow will come with the same opportunity.

You have to invest time to learn about your business, the product and strategies to grow your network. Learning the business as quickly as you can able you to help more people in your organization. You also have to give time to teach your organization and use your time in mastering leadership.


You have to invest in yourself first because you are the first people in your prospect list. Be presentable and let your business partner copy your good deeds. Your prospect list is the inventory or the list of people you want to become successful and you have to include yourself. If you can’t convince yourself then it will become your failure to convince the others. Having a new business partner in your organization is a numbers game most of the time where you have to look for hundreds of people before you have a new sign up.

You can invest on people by teaching them and motivating them. Inspire and influence them with your passion in the business. Your people must learn to do the business properly like you do, they can develop the leadership of their people too and can also help other to become successful. Invest in your people to make them multiply. Leadership is making people grow.

Success is a matter of choice, not chance

You have to make a decision first. The Foundation of Success is Belief. You can’t attain success unless you first believe you can.


The enemies of belief – doubts and fears

Doubts and fears come from low self-confidence, low self-esteem, lack of knowledge, lack of trust in you, lack of exposure.

When fear or doubt sets in, belief is shaken. This is followed by failure, then discouragement. Discouragement paralyzes the will to do something and the strength to carry out. Discouragement is a murderer for it kills strength, vision and confidence.

Always analyze the reasons or the bases behind someone’s advice. Is it out of fear or doubt? If somebody (a relative or a friend) discourages you from pursuing this business, ask that person if he can help you become financially secure and observe his reactions. Test his sincerity.


Dreams are the visions where we want to end up after our struggle and Goals are how we get there, the individual steps we take to ultimately deserve the price.

We have to think and dreams first before we can set our goal. Goals will process your dream and imagination into reality. Everybody can dream but not everyone has a goal to get it. make a difference" href="">Think Big

A person without a goal end up nowhere but the person who has a goal will meet his desired success.

You need to dream big and believe in your dream. Consider your dream to be realistic and achievable and can be process by your goal. Don’t make an illusion because you are only deceiving yourself. Life is too short to believe in the false hope. Dream of something that can be done, things that someone has already done it and dream that you think you really can.

Kinds of dream

Don’t fall into a illusions because it is dream that never exist in reality.

Material, health, mental, spiritual and relationship are the basic dreams you can have. Each of them can be achieve by the right goals.

Kinds of goal

A goal are step by step procedure how you can reach your dreams.

Long term goals are most likely the big dreams that you want to have. It can be the set of accomplishment of your short term goals. These are the things you want to happen a years from now. A long term goal can be a wedding, buying a mansion house, millions of savings, and having your children to finish their study in schools.

Short term goals are very important and it can delay your long term goal. Don’t prolong a short goal, you must act now. Make a habit of accomplishing your goal each day and you will become master of it.

How Humans Learn What They Can Do?

Each person’s growth and development is influenced by three different kinds of learning.

1. Learning that comes directly from experience

Inner – comes with your commonsense and instinct
Self-motivated – learn from your curiosities and reasoning.
Self-manage learning –learning that result from the urge to explore and play.

2. Imitating those around us.

Through “modeling” In network marketing business this is what we call copy upline or copy the successful person in your business, we acquire the action patterns of others.

3. A third kind of learning is controlled and directed by others.

Training programs, team building, and workshops applications are design to for us to learn as fast and understand more about the certain thing that you want to learn.

These are just all about learning and understanding, because when you know and understand it is now easy for you to do it. All information that we gather in our life help and teach us what we can do.

The Gold Prices and Silver Prices

I want to talk about the value of gold and silver today versus the value of it in the future. When it comes to investing, these two precious metals is the next big things as quoted by Robert Kiosaki.

The value of gold and silver today is cheaper than the next 5 five to 10 ten years or in the long term. It is because of the demand of its usage in our technology. Our electronic devices and and appliances contain silver and some of them contain gold. These kind of metal can’t be created or reproduce. You have to mine and discover to get it.

That is why gold, silver and other precious metal will be in high demand for the next few years.

Recovering gold or recycling gold is much easier than silver.
This can effect the value of silver to increase better than gold when the demand become high. This is what I’ve learn from FX 153 Pte Ltd – Mark Tan S.H when he share some investment tips in Singapore International Coin Fair 2012 which is held at Sands Expo and Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on March 30 to April 1, 2012.

My friend Billy Chiam bring me there to assist him to with his gold and silver products. He was lucky that the product is almost sold out. I notice that people rush to buy silver after they listen to Mark Tan advice.

When you can not afford or it is not possible to buy a square meter of land then its time to buy gold and silver. This can help you start to become an investor.

You can buy toys today as the same prices of gold, but your toys will depreciate its value while gold is not.

If I am not for myself, who will be?

This is just a wake up call! What are you doing right now? If you don’t know what is your purpose in life then try to ask yourself.

“If I am not for myself, who will be and if I am only for myself then what I am?”

Let’s dream big. Your reasons will help you to think of your dreams. You must take actions in getting your dreams. People will love to help you only when you are helping yourself first.

If I am not for myself, who will be?

I want to have a better life
I want to have money
I want to have cars
I want to have houses and lots
I want to have luxury vacations
I want good savings
I want to be love

The above few lines are the things you wants for yourself. Everybody has their own life that needs to do the same. You have to take actions to get what you want. People should be responsible to take action for them. You have to do it.

If am only for myself then what I am?

You are selfish for not doing good things to others. You are only thinking for yourself. We quit when we get tired. You quit as soon as possible if you don’t find a reason to continue.

In a marathon race, you can slow down if you get tired but that is not an option if you want to win.

You can start quitting in network marketing business if you get tired, but this is not an option if you want something good to happen. If you are only for yourself then quit. But if you consider giving a good life to your family then quitting is not an option.

Mentor Versus Adviser

A mentor is someone who has already done what you want to do… and is successful at doing it.

An adviser is someone who tells you how to do it, but has not personally done it. Be careful of the advice you take. While you must keep your mind open, always be first aware of where the advice is coming from.

The teacher or professor in school is either your Mentor or Adviser. When they tell story about the success of other person, I know that they are only giving advice. But when they tell stories about themselves, I can understand more because I am listening to the person who had their experienced.

It is more advisable to learn from the people with their experience. They are the one who can show how they had been through from struggle to success. That is what we called mentor while the adviser will only share the story of success and know nothing about how that person struggle to success.

Beware of the advice that is contradicted to the success of other person. You might be listening to the person who failed. You your commonsense where you want to learn from the Mentor that can show you how or from the Adviser who fail to do it.

If you want to get good grades then ask your teacher how. If you want to become good basketball player then play with the best team or play with Michael Jordan. If you want to become rich then ask the person who is rich. Use your commonsense and don’t ask poor people how to become rich.