Your First Year in Multi Level Marketing Company

Success is not always instant in multi level marketing, but you don’t have to struggle much when you know what to do. When you start network marketing career, speed and power is important. Be humble and have a good learning attitude.

Network marketing is like a job; understand that you get paid when you work. No work no pay is also applied in business. So you have to start planting to reap good harvest.

I want to use the bow and arrow hitting its target. The arrow will not reach its target when the speed is slow. Speed will give accurate destination. You have to be fast, qualify your prospects and set more meetings. More meetings don’t mean more sales. You must have the power to influence them. The arrow need to fullback before it goes to the target. It means that you have to learn first before you start your business.

Knowledge is power but the applied knowledge is more powerful.

  • Dreams – will inspire you and give hope for the things you want.
  • Goals – are the step by step procedure to get your dreams
  • Plan – gives you the easiest way to achieve your goals
  • Learn – this will provide you the idea on how you will execute your plan
  • You – You have to give love and commitment to your work

The poorest person in the world is the man without dream. If dreams are free, then why you don’t have it? If you have to dream, dream BIG. Dream for the billions of income; if you failed at least you have millions.

How can you get your dreams without knowing how to achieve it? Goal setting is telling yourself that you have to get your dreams in a span of time. So you have to know how much income you have to produce to buy your dreams.

Plan is important to get more sales. You have to create a strategy and teamwork. You are going blind without plan and your time will be waste if your plan is not effective. The company or your leader has always a plan for you. Ask the successful person in your company how he plan his success. Follow that because it is proven.

Be humble and learn. Be open mind and listen to whom who is already successful in the business. Always ask advice and learn from the other mistake and experience. It is not advisable to learn by repeating other mistake. Don’t be idiot but instead be humble and have a good learning attitude.

You have to believe that this is for you. Doing multi level marketing without reason will make you quit when you get tired. When you start to love it and do it by heart. It will become your passion. We all know that multi level marketing is also about helping others to reach their dreams. Adding commitment whatever it takes will give you success and not frustrations.

Don’t quit to soon. You have to dream big, set goals, follow the plans, learn and be humble. Always believe that you can do it. No other can trust you better than yourself.

Use FORM “gather information” before presentation


Basically form is filling up information to gather data. That information can be use to know who you are talking with and what message or advice can you give. I want to share how I use FORM effectively.

  • Family
  • Occupation
  • Recreation
  • Message

This is a simple interview but before you make this interview you have to get your prospect trust and attention. Who would give information to the people we never know. Tell about your self, your goal and your sincerity to help. This is very important, people will not communicate to the person they can’t trust.

The goal of this FORM is to know the selling point of your prospect. You can deliver the right message on your presentation if you know the needs and wants of your prospects.

Know the FAMILY background. Asking for health history will give you what product is best for them. Tracing hereditary health problem for cure and prevention are best selling point.

Base on their OCCUPATION you can determine if they have a wealthy lifestyle. You can talk about having time freedom and financial independence. Every one will agree to become prosperous and that is another selling point to introduce your opportunities.

Observing their RECREATION will help you to check their connections other than their family and occupation. It is their usual hobby. It is their free time with their family, friends and other extra activities. Knowing this can help you set appointment and schedule to bring them to special meetings.

It’s time to give your MESSAGE. When you have all the details, you can deliver the exact message that your prospects wants and the presentations strength is more convincing.

I want to share this FORM method in getting data of information about your prospect because you can have the chance to touch their heart when you properly address your message, sincerity and love.


It’s what makes us grow. It’s how we become successful.

Steps in the learning process:

  1. Intention and desire. Interest in knowing more, willingness and openness to new ideas, perspective and skills.
  2. Awareness. Being conscious and awake. It is both being receptive to the outside world and sensitive to your inner self. With awareness comes a sense of direction. What do you want to learn? Your direction is shaped by many factors. It is motivated by your ideals, it is based on your values and it is guided by what is possible both today and in the future.
  3. Information. Awareness brings us many types of information.
  4. Action. Application. Implementation. This is what gives us experience.
  5. Results.
    1. Joy of learning. We enjoy seeing things differently, gaining insight and understanding and feeling we have grown.
    2. Discovering what we can do with our learning. It gives us more power to create and to fulfill our dreams and desires.
    3. Ability to share what we know. A great sense of satisfaction can come from teaching and helping others.

Learn and get wisdom.

A distributor did not succeed alone by the volume of sales from his organizations but from the training he learned. The success ingredients are never cooked with few recipes.

Learning is important, but the more important is to apply what you learned. There is a story about turkey that learns to fly but walk home at the end of the day. Just like people who know that they can get their dreams from then business but never once try to engage. They learned but do you think they don’t get wisdom?

It is easy to get your success but it will depend on the achievement you want to reach. It is always possible to win by trying. You will waste your time and effort when you don’t know how you can get your goal. You have to learn before you try to make it easier.

Wisdom and logic

Do not ask the poor person how to become rich because they cannot give you good advice. They can say they know and learn it how, but they don’t really understand why, and that makes them poor. Ask the rich person how to become rich and they will start telling how wonderful it is. They can give the key to know how and guide you because they already there.

Learn and Unlearn

It is hard to unlearn what you had learned. The thing you use to believe is what you are doing, and we keep it doing repeatedly. We all know that we can make money by having a good job; we learn this from our parents. Study hard, get good grades and find a good job. They said that we must learn but they forgot to say get wisdom. What we learn from the past may not be applied today, you must learn more.

I am alive but without a purpose I am nothing. You learn but if you cannot use it, it is like you didn’t learn at all.

Those cards remind me of what should I do.

Name card is really powerful tools that you must have. Remember the first week of your class when your teacher put bold label of your name in your chest. That name card helps you to make them recall and remember your name. It really works one hundred percent. Read more

PayPal Account for Online Business Transaction

Online business must have the facilities to handle their transactions over the internet. PayPal gives the convenience way to receive and pay online. PayPal serves as the payment gateway between you and your costumers. Your PayPal money can be transfer or withdraw to your bank account anytime.

Setting up your PayPal Account is easy. Go to the registration page and create business or premier account. I don’t recommend personal account, we’re going to make business here and PayPal Business Account is better, it has more advantage over personal accounts.

How to Create PayPal Account?

  • Go to the registration page (click open the registration page)
  • Fill up all necessary information. Please take note that you have to put your name and business name equivalent to your bank account name to process your withdrawal. Your withdrawal can not validate or process if the names doesn’t match.
  • You will receive email confirmation after you submit your application.
  • You can now use your PayPal to start receiving and paying secure transaction online.

We can manage local transaction with cash or other mode of payment but PayPal makes a difference. More and more Business or Individuals are now using PayPal. It is very useful for over the country transactions.

How to receive money using your PayPal on fast start?

Ask your customer or client to pay bills via PayPal. You can use the email form of asking the amount of money and send them via email or links. This is also good if you are asking money for your family, but it is awkward to ask money from the strangers.

Create donation bottom and pray for generous person to donate via PayPal. I found this more often from generous website who offers free services too. It’s okay to donate when you get satisfied or like their product and services.

Sell your products or services with a PayPal button. If you have your own product or service fee, you can add PayPal button to receive payment form your customers or client.

Affiliate Marketing – Making your PayPal to receive incentives or bonuses from the program you are affiliated. Affiliate marketing is referring products or services which you can earn money depending on the program policy of the affiliate marketing.

You can learn all this when you get inside your PayPal account.

The reasons why I chose to do network marketing.

You Can Surely Make Millions In MLM within 5 Years. – You may not become successful in your first and second year but your experiences and skills will be hone and matured. The third and fourth year may be not really good but it will make you wise enough do master your business. If you fail doing MLM in five years just don’t quit because I will tell you to have another five years. In ten years of doing MLM it is impossible for you not to make good income and if you don’t, you never learned MLM at all.

Time and Financial Freedom. – Life is wonderful when you have time freedom. That is when you can decide what to do anytime of the day. You can be more generous and kind if you are Financially free.

Love – Money can’t buy love, but money can give love when you share. Money is the sweat from your love. Love is invisible thing and you can only feel and see it in forms of giving.

Meeting People – “Hello! You are not stranger anymore, now you are my friend and business partner and today we will form a team to make this good business.” It is good to meet new people in your business but making friends are better.

I Know That My Dreams Are Not Achievable In Employment. – It is more realistic when I do Multi-Level Marketing. It is because your income is base on your group effort and not by yourself alone.

Family – When you become successful in MLM, your family and people close to you are proud. My family gives me the reason and a BIG Why? Why do I do MLM? It is because of the time and financial freedom; the love I can share with my family by doing MLM.

You – “Do I know you?” but you become the reason why I do MLM when you ask me to help you succeed in MLM. I can become successful when you become successful. Network marketing teaches me to multiply the system we have program.

Becoming More Christian – I wish to become instrument in giving God’s blessing.

The Products – Network marketing promotes much better and quality products.

Use your upline and the entire successful person in your business.

I have a short conversation with one of my leads. She asked for advice on how to earn from network marketing business. She did what her upline told her and yet she did not get her goals on time. She told me that her upline achieved the top position in few months and that was great. Then I told her to use her upline to help building your organization. If he can do it then he can do it again with you.

The problem with most distributors is they don’t know how to use their upline. They join and do what their upline told them to do like learn the business as it is your own, learn to qualify your prospect and know how to invite. The upline encouraged us to use the product and share it. These are the words we always hear from our uplines. The problem with most uplines is they ask their downlines to make a commitment to do the business but they fail to give their supports. Your network marketing career will be on struggle if this problem happens in your business.

New distributors in the business must not do the business alone. They must be properly guided as they do the business; upline should take care of them until they have a good result, good income and truly independent. When your upline ask you to make a commitment in the business then ask their commitment too. It is like a marriage that both must take an oath to commit. With out commitment the success is hard to achieve.

Have you experience working with out uplines? It is when you invited your guest and your upline was not present to assist you. Don’t let this happen to your business because the opportunity with your guest and building your organization will spoils. Tell your upline that they are committed to welcome your guest with you.

Use your upline in the presentation

You are still learning the business and the experts must always engage on the presentations until you can do it on your own. The basic presentation has an opening presentations, the main presentation and closing presentations.

The opening presentations

Take the responsibility to open up the business by introducing yourself first and why you are doing the business. Tea-up your upline to your guest, it means that you tell about your upline experience, achievement and his authority to tell about the business. Make sure that your guest will become confortable with what you tell about your uplines. Behind the scene notify your uplines in advance about the personality of the person they will talk so that the can deliver the right message to them. Be the one to make your guest open their mind to listen for the opportunity you have. Make a match background from your guest, if you can ask the upline with the same background or profession then they can easily understand each other.

The main presentations

Do not go away when your upline is talking with your guest. Respect his time and learn from their presentation. The inner motivation of the uplines is coming from the willingness of his downlines to become successful. Eventually you can do the same presentation of your upline every time you listen and understand what he is doing repeatedly. You must give moral supports to your upline so stay with your guest on presentation.

Closing Presentations

The presentation will not be completed with out the right closing. The best way to close the presentations is with your Successful Uplines. Because they have the results, they can proved that the opportunity is true. They can easily inspire people to do the business. The closing presentation is very important in the decision making of your guest.

Use your upline in the invitation

Your enthusiasm to invite is hot especially when we are excited. Warning! Do not invite when you are not yet equipped with knowledge or you will end up being discourage. Let your upline participate when you invites prospect list. Ask your upline how they do the invitations; it is easy to copy the demonstrations and the actual presentation than learning from theory.

For example: You are inviting your friend in front of your upline or over the phone.

“Hi Lou, I have something to share with you and I am new with this opportunity, my business associates is here to talk with you to give more info. Please listen attentively.”

Because you endorse your upline properly, your prospect will pay attention to listen and you must observed and learn how your upline invite your prospect.


Many distributors are struggling to build network because they never ask their upline to give their commitment and support. They only hear what their uplines told them to do and work as if they know how it done. It was happen to me in my first MLM Company, you may become successful after struggle but you will never cross this way again when you know that there is something better.

Your uplines can leverage their time to you; It does not mean you can not leverage something with them. You can use their time, experiences and skills too. As a new distributor says

“I joined few days ago, I don’t have much something to share but my upline is here to give his 10 years of experiences in the business. Please pay attention to his advice.”

That is how multi-level marketing works. Use upline skills and talent and copy them as quickly as you can.

Read your company manuals

The company manual contains information about the company. It is very important to know how was company started and how their business works. The manual set the rules and guides. Knowing and these will make you the better representative of your company. There are many reasons why you should read your company manuals such us, the company policies, product information and marketing scheme. It is very common to people that they join first before they read manuals.

Know everything about the company before going to engage with them. Most people join because the company was properly endorsed. Sometimes it’s like the coffee drink, you will never know if it is sweet until you taste it. It is very risky to join on the company own by people with bad track record, or product that fails and marketing plan that didn’t compensate.

The representatives are hiding something.

The common mistake of the representative is not giving the complete information. They are usually afraid to tell the risk and other requirements of the business. It is true that people don’t like the business to be difficult with quotas and other policies that it is hard to achieve. But people will invest time and effort to do the business then fails to achieve the goals because they miss the requirements. It always happens to those who didn’t read and understand the company manuals. Please don’t blame those representatives who encourage you to join after reading this, because you must be responsible to know everything and understand what the business is all about.

The company manual updates and other memorandum.

Know the updates and revisions of your company manuals. Your company might have change on how the business is done, gives important information and implementation. Distributor mislead if they represent old information that was already revised.

Why you should read your company manuals?

  • You can represent your company very well.
  • You can do the business efficiently
  • You deliver the right information and avoid misleading people.
  • You can gain more trust to your customer by sharing them complete information.

How much will it cost to fund your MLM Company?

Starting a new company is like jumping on a swimming pool. The water stands for money so don’t jump on the pool with out the water because it will hurt you. Jump on the pool with water will make you able to swim but with out experience; not knowing how to swim will make you drown. Don’t jump on the pool with out knowledge or start your MLM with out knowing how it works.

The typical MLM business needs products, systems, management, legally registered and office to handle transactions. Let me show you how to estimate the starting fund for new business or MLM Company.

Business Registration

The first thing to do first is to register your company for legality. It will only take time and effort to do this. This can cost you not less than 25,000.00 to process your SEC, DTI, Barangay Permit, Business Permit, BIR Registration, and Product Registration like BFAD etc. Also consider how much you can fund your bank for bank certification needed in your applications.

Information Technology Infrastructure

Develop a good system that will help you to monitor and track everything in your business. Your accounting, product inventory, sales record, members’ information and payout incentives must have a good database to reference. You can outsource the system from Software Companies and make them your provider if you can afford their price. When you are looking for cheaper price, look for freelance developer and the also provide good system not less than 200,000.00.


Check how many products must be sold out to cover up the company operational expenses every month and it will be basis how much is your minimum fund for the products. Let say that your company expenses are about to be 100,000.00. When the company gets the 10% from product cost for the operational expenses then you have to fund 1,000,000.000 worth of inventory sales to be sold out every month.

Management Team

You and you’re team must be compensated fairly. The key people in your management team are the board members, lawyers, accountants, IT Professional, and Marketing Leaders. You can fund at minimum salary rate of 20,000.00 each key person. Make them satisfied and they will work accordingly.

Office Maintenance

You can start with small office then move to the bigger space when you’re company is ready. Find the space where you can have training room, stock room, comfort room, and private rooms for office works and meetings. Prepare your budget for electricity, water, rent, and other miscellaneous bills. Let’s say that we have to fund 100,000.00 – 250,000.00 for office space and other bills. Make your office location accessible and easy to navigate.

Now you have the idea how must will cost it you to have your own MLM Company. This budget will be a good start for starting new business. It will always depend on your management and marketing team to make more sales. With out sales your company must add more funds or invest more money to survive.