Prepare to start your own MLM Company

We have seen people earn money from MLM Company and now putting their own MLM Company. They want to take the advantage of managing and in control of the business. Other big investors who believe in it start their MLM business too. Not every one succeeds in the history and the most of them failed.

People who earn money from MLM and put up their own MLM Company.

  • Eddy Chia – Founder and CEO of Diamond Lifestyle Corporation
  • Ed Cabantud, Francis Miguel and John Asperin – Founded the Alliance In Motion Global
  • William Barbo and Oliver Chua – Unlimited Network of Opportunities International Corporation
  • Jaime Butch Buteng – Victory Global Unlimited Systems Inc.

Billionaire who invest in MLM.

  • Trey White – Evolv founder,
  • Donald Trump – the Trump Network
  • Warren Buffet –  Has bought 7 MLM companies and one of them is Pampered Chef

It is best to when you have a good partners or co-owners of the company but it’s more grateful when you can manage to hire them and with you.

I notice that most of the risk takers are failure than the people who are prepared to engage. There are many things to consider before starting your own company.

I list the basic needs of MLM company below.

  • Products – The heart of the business. You have to compete with the other brand or else have one that is unique and incomparable to others.
  • Management – Making everything organize will make your system run smoothly. The management of the company is responsible to give solutions and innovations to marketing and systems.
  • Systems – The blue print of your business. There are always systems in every point of transactions. This can make your business easy to understand and pass through others.
  • Fund – The funds will help your business stands. Without fund the company will collapse eventually.
  • Experience – Remember the road you have been so that you can go back safely. In business your failure must be learnt and never do the same mistake it again.
  • Influence – it’s just a bonus when you can take advantage of your popularity. You can find influential people to join with your business and its how the law of leverage does.
  • Marketing – This motivates people, the incentives and benefits they can have from the company will make them happy to stay. They love to endorse more products when you make them satisfied.
  • Legality – Please registered your company, make it legal and government compliance.
  • People – The company partners or associates. They will represent your company as you provide them the system and their benefits.

This is a great offer to every customer to become new distributors when you have all of the criteria above. The reason why most MLM company fails is because they don’t have the other requirements.

My first MLM Company was Micro Amigo Probiotics who has a very good and unique product, it fails because of not having enough funds and the management is not solid for having the same decision. This year 2011 I become one of the boards Director of Wellness Treasures International Marketing Inc. and we are on our way to build it. It is a great privilege to have these experiences. I’m getting more ready and prepared in every experienced I had.

How to reach people for your business?

The ways of reaching people are evolving with technology. From post mail to email and telephone to mobile phone are the evidences of change. Does reaching people sound hard today? Or you just don’t find the better ways.

I’ve seen successful distributor how they reach people in the 90’s, I testified myself the big improvement of today over the past decade. The most important is they become millionaire without the technology of today.

Today I’ve seen those people left behind and others are still struggling in the new generation of Network Marketing. The question is why these new distributors make more money than those who are in business before them. Technology makes the difference in reaching people.

We must intrude our self first before the business. Build a trust before you offer something. Because trust can give comfort, your business approach will become more effective.

We use technology to reach people we can say that the old method works but there is always a better way. I want to share my experience with the old method and share some advice.

Telephone Calls

This method comes first when you are ready to share your business. It composes of your family, friends, relatives, or people who are close to you. It is easily to give a call to the person you know. Always keep the conversation short and simple and master the good script to set an appointment.

Flyer and brochure

I’ve experience giving 500pcs to 1000 pcs of flyer in a single day. I got 10% response on text message and about less that 6% attend on my presentation. The response will also defend on the location where you are giving. You will get low response if give flyers on the mall or shopping center because the people that goes there are not looking for the opportunity. Give flyers near the office of city government because people who go there are most likely looking for opportunity. Some of them are completing their business requirements and other are looking for jobs vacancy.

News Paper and Classified Ads

This advantage of this win over giving flyers. News paper normally circulating 10,000 copies varies on territory or location. Convert the expenses you spend on giving flyer and the costing of your materials to place and advertisement. You can save time and effort on giving and wait for the response. I suggest to submit a bold text or box ads with black background and white text. This will help you call the readers attentions.

Internet Marketing

I’ve experience giving message to over 1000 people in 1 hour and it is the big difference compared on giving flyers. While flyer has limited on location, the online sales page can reach everywhere in the world. The good thing about the internet is your sales page can be viewed 24 hours, 7 days a week and that can make you earn even if you are sleeping. You can expose your business on your blogs, social media community, advertisement and email marketing.

Direct Approach

It is easy to build trust when you do this method. If you have to opportunity to starts with a good conversation then introduce yourself very well and give your best presentations.

It is easy to reach people if the offer is interesting. Show more benefits when they engage with your offer. Make it unique to eliminate comparison. Be presentable when you offer something, because customers check if you are the user of your product. It is no good when you offer health product but you look unhealthy. Use your brain to reach them and touch them with your heart.

MLM The Low Risk Business Model

We say that network marketing is the new generation of business. It is because it has no risk, low capital and no territorial limit. It is low risk because you don’t have to start with big investment and it does often require you to buy product to join. It has no territorial limit because you can bring your business anywhere as long as you can present it to your customer. Many people have proved that network marketing change their lives in having good income and most of all by helping others to become successful.

The three types of business model I will share with you are the traditional, the franchise and the network marketing. There are advantages from each business model and I found the network marketing is my choice.

Traditional Business

It requires big capitalizations and good skills to manage the business. It’s a big advantage when you have much more capital or strategy over your competitors. To have example ask yourself which grocery store are you going to buy, the one with nice air conditions system, or with out? You also need a lot of capital to expand your business. It has a territorial limit.
In traditional business you create your own system. You can start with 100k capital and create your system to make it grows. Base on the survey 90% fail in this business.


Having your own franchised business means that you are buying a successful system. It is very expensive but your success is much stable. There are so many available businesses for franchise; they will let you use their system, brand and name to make both profit.

The first two requires much capital. But not all business for franchise needs big investment because others offer micro franchise. You can make money here when you can afford to invest.

Network Marketing

Joining their system is another way of having business. It is a combination of Traditional and Franchise Business. Just like a traditional business it has also a big investment. They make sure that the system is set up from management, marketing, products and costumer service. They invest big capital to provide the system for you. You just have to join them.

The best thing about network marketing is you don’t have to invest big capital. You can start joining by buying products. Some offer free registrations and all you have to do is to sell the products and enjoy your profit.

How To Get Your First Million In MLM?

Making your first million income in Multi Level Marketing or in any kind of business is a challenging goal. But when you did it, It is now just a matter of repetitions. Many formula or ways how get it. Always look for an advice of a successful person. They may have different stories and you can learn some unique process and common things on their doings.

There should be a formula if where talking about numbers. Let say the formula for your first million is “time x money = goals.” How many days do you want to get your goal? How much money do you save each day for your goals? These two questions will be the basis of your progress in getting your first million.

When you want to earn your first million in ten months then you have divide 1 million by 10 months. It means that you have to save at least 100,000.00 every month.

Now you have a perfect formula to earn your first million. The next thing you do is to prepare to get it. How much effort and sales do you need to make that savings for your goal?

Thanks for MLM that allows us to leverage our time to our affiliate.

The next formula is to know how much sales you need to push to earn that much and how many affiliate do you need to participate. Let us say that your company allows you to earn 10% on your group sales then you have to push at least 1 million sales to meet your savings every month. When the average affiliate can push 10,000.00 per month then you need more than 100 affiliate in your organization.

  • Percent in Sales = 10%
  • Number of Affiliates = 99
  • The Average Sales = 10,000.00
  • Money = the average sales ( you + affiliates ) x percent in sales
  • Time = 10 months
  • 1M = Time x Money
  • 1M = 10months x 10,000.00(1+99) x 10%

This formula is calculated in ten months but with the power of MLM it can reach your first 1 million in ten weeks. There are no secrets but there is a formula to make efficient goals. That is clearly possible by adding more affiliates you can increase your sales with no limit.

there are no secrets

How to invite your prospect into presentation?

There are plenty of ways to bring your prospect into presentation. Enhance your invitation skills by learning the magic scripts on how to set an appointment. You have to study which technique will work for your prospects. It is because we have different kinds of prospect we have to find which approach will be more effective. Have a mindset that your prospect needs you. Don’t be discouraged if your prospect says no. Be prepared because not all will say yes, don’t stop prospecting because you will get yes on the person who are serious about the business.  Don’t get upset if you get rejection especially from your friends or family, they rejected the idea and not you.

Qualify your prospect first before you invite. See if they are good match for the business. Check first if your prospect can able to do the business than other on your list.

Tips on asking

  • Ask questions that will answer by Yes.
  • Short conversation and a timely follow up is more effective than too much chat.

Direct Approach

Tell your prospect directly what it’s all about. Keep the information simple and don’t exaggerate. Set your appointment.  You will be wasting your time when your prospect already knows it. Sample Script: I’m going to a meeting and you’re welcome to join us. We’re going to meet new friends and talk about opportunities. Do you agree that having new friends who can help us is great?  If yes then let’s go.

They will surely come if there is something they can get on the presentation. Emphasize the benefits of presentation.

Third Party Invitations

Ask your prospect indirectly. You have to know the reactions of your prospect. Make your prospect become interested to the presentation. Sample Script: Do you know someone who wants earn money on part-time without leaving the current job or someone who wants to have big interest on their investment.

The will recommend themselves if the offer is good to know all about it. Then if it’s good to be true, they will come with you.


Give your materials to your prospect. It can be your Video Presentations and reading materials. You can do this if your prospect can’t find time to visit your presentations. Lending them your materials will always remind him of you. Ask to call back before and after the materials are viewed, but it is much better to be with him while viewing the presentation. Sample Script: I would like to give our business presentation materials to you. Have an open mind and take a look on our presentation. It will only take you 15-30mins to check it.  I will call you back later to ask if you are interested.

Seek Advice

Ask for suggestions or advice. People feel they are important when you ask for an advice. They are happy to help and share their expertise.  Sample Script: Application: I know you are expert on this and I need your companion to check this new opportunity. Join me on the presentation.

You can ask some male or female opinion

People are egoistic, they like to be bold when they know something. Just like when you ask the direction of some place, then tend to stop what they are doing and answer your questions. Sample Script: Can I ask female opinion “if you are talking to a girl” it is because I just want to here some of your advice. Then simple find a way to turn out your conversation smoothly to invite him or her in to your presentation.


These scripts can bring you haft way to make your prospect come into your presentation. Make them interested and excited.

Invitation is a skill, it can be sharpen and enhance. Your prospect may reject your invitation yesterday but not today.

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