Chief Marketing Officer, Mr.John Asperin gladly invites you to join and celebrat…


Chief Marketing Officer, Mr.John Asperin gladly invites you to join and celebrate with us on our upcoming events in Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya this October 2016!

Invite all your prospects, family, success lines and don’t miss #AIMGlobal‘s another milestone in Africa! See you there!


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  1. Maria Thrina Antao
    Maria Thrina Antao says:

    Steve Pender Olabode Ifemmy Eguabor Emmanuel Ayuba Anthony Ali Engr Ejike Agbe Ifeanyi Oluwabukola Oluchi Emma Nath Uvie Iloanusi Joyce Nnenna Ugonma Benedeth this is one of our president of our company AIM GLOBAL. Watch it pls

  2. Fernyl Miranda
    Fernyl Miranda says:

    Wow This is it! 🙂 Be ready partners Stanley Ndegwa Mwangi Kumi Jideobi Ogbonna Malugu Manyama Mwangu Ndele Richard Rono Emmanuel Axwesso.this is a Special Event that should not be miss.Great Opportunity to meet the owners of AIM Global. 🙂 Mam Gemma Rodulfa Victoria Posadas,Pls inform your group..Power!! Team RICH-Africa

  3. French Bermudez
    French Bermudez says:

    Abubakar Badaru Abubakar Jikamshi Abubakar Maaruf Yusuf Abubakar Besse Mahmud Abubakar
    Gello guys I really lookomg forward that you guys can go and attend this trainings. Thank you.

  4. Aleihs Briones Castillo
    Aleihs Briones Castillo says:

    Sir Bamwe Amon ?(UGANDA) this is it..Welcome African Friends and Try this kind of BUSSINESS a Life changing Opportunity..just wanna invite you to see What AIMGLOBAL is all about??? THANKYOU and To God Be The Glory??

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