Diamond Lifestyle Corporation


A company founded by Mr. Eddy Chai. He is the man with love in his heart to start DLC. The company is said to be build or created for the distributors. It is because Eddy gives a fair share on the company profits to the distributors who do DLC business. The product lines compose of health and beauty, beverages, household products, grooming, food supplements, groceries etc.  DLC started on 2009 at Taiwan and DLC Philippines open on 2010.

Here is what Eddy said.

July 1, 2008. After 28 incredible years in MLM, 21 of which is as a Managing Director for one of the biggest MLM companies in the world making an outrageous annual income most people cannot make in their lifetime, I resigned and started this new MLM Company

What in the world am I doing? Well, it wasn’t money for sure as I can hardly spend 30% of my outrageous annual income. Was it for fame or recognition? I don’t need to start a new MLM company to get them. As one of the most successful networker in the world with an organization that has sponsored over 3 million distributors, I already have my fair share of recognition and fame. A desire to own a company? Listen to my speeches and training and you will sometime hear me mention that I love my role as a General and have no desire to be the Emperor. So, why start a new MLM company called “Diamond Lifestyle Corporation”?

Top Leaders of DLC

  • Anthony and Grace Co
  • Mike A. Tan
  • Divine Anchoriz Anchoriz
  • Winnie Villarama
  • Jodhie Hizon
  • Red Molleda
  • Frewin Go
  • Rick Chiu
  • Mcoy Fundales
  • Lucky Pony
  • Gerry Caguindagan
  • Kit Apari
  • more…

Official Website

  • http://www.diamondlifestylecorporation.com
  • http://dlcorp.com
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