Health and Wellness: Living with Prostate Cancer.

Diet Recommendations to Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer Progression


Health and Wellness: Living with Prostate Cancer.
In this article you can see the research from Prostate Cancer Foundation. You can buy or download their pdf copy of Health and Wellness: Living with Prostate Cancer.

It’s good to share some of the diet recommendation from the research that you might want to know. For me, I rather enjoy eating healthy food to improve my condition than taking medicine. Alternatively it is also good to take most recommended food supplement that can also help.

Here is Food recommendation that you can take to lower risk of prostate cancer progression.

TOMATOES: Consume a variety of vegetables, including cooked tomatoes. Do not take a lycopene supplement.

CRUCIFEROUS VEGETABLES: Eat 1 serving (1/2 cup) of cruciferous vegetables on most days.

SOY: Limited available data does not suggest much impact of soy on prostate cancer progression.

PROCESSED MEAT: Avoid processed meat.

COFFEE: Current evidence is not strong enough to recommend taking up coffee drinking to lower risk of prostate cancer progression.

FISH: Eat at least 2 servings of fish each week.

DIETARY FAT: Replace foods high in saturated fat with healthy sources of vegetable fats, such as olive oil and nuts.

POULTRY: Avoid processed poultry and remove skin on poultry before eating.

EGGS: Egg consumption during adulthood may increase risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer.  Avoid supplements with lecithin or phosphatidylcholine.

CALCIUM/DAIRY: Get adequate calcium from low-fat dairy products, vegetables, and fortified whole-grain cereals or soy/nut milks. High fat dairy foods and single calcium supplements should be avoided.

TEA: Current evidence is insufficient to recommend taking up consumption of tea to lower risk of prostate cancer incidence or progression.

SUPPLEMENTS: Apart from a regular multivitamin, the use of any single nutrient supplement is not recommended, unless specifically recommended by a physician.

If you are interested to know more what inside the PDF you can download on the link below.

Download Source: Health and Wellness: Living with Prostate Cancer.

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