dlc elevator plan

DLC Elevator Plan


An innovation is what you can see in mind of the MLM Guru Mr. Eddy Chai, some people online call him Edward Chai and sometimes they called him MLM God. The man who hates binary is now using the term binary for DLC Elevator Plan. The new marketing plans convey “Stability of stair step plan and speed of binary plan combined.” Please take note that Diamond Lifestyle Corporation is NOT a binary mlm company. They just simulate what can happen doing two legs organizations.

What makes DLC Different from other MLM Companies?

  • Built, owned, and managed by distributors
  • P500 Membership fee to start the business
  • 66% of Company profit is total pay out
  • Only 2,000 group points to become a manager
  • Up to 21% Rebate and over-ride bonus
  • Up t0 22% Leadership Bonus 10 levels deep
  • Up to 7% of country sales is earmarked for profit sharing bonus
  • 1% is allocated for business builders’ bonus
  • 11%-12% is allocated for pension plan
  • Distributors with 1, 2, and 3 managerial lines can be profit sharers
  • Low minimum weekly quota of 5PV (PHP100)
  • Income is derived solely from product sales
  • Products are world class and reasonably-priced

As of Today DLC are going to introduce this concept strategy “DLC Elevator Plan: Grand Launching Today, August 1, 2012!!! at 2pm and 7pm main office in Ground Floor Bookman Building, 373 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.” It is also published in Peoples Journal Tonight Local Newspaper.

DLC Elevator Plan on Newspaper

The leaders will be having presentations on different office locations and prestige venues nationwide.

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  1. Brian Harry
    Brian Harry says:

    I’ve heard that DLC is for the distributor and Eddy Chai is one of the most powerful networker in the world and becasue of that a good business can only expand if the owner knows how to pay attention to small things that really matters than bigger things which has no value.

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