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Dr. Steve Taubman


Bestselling author, Dr. Steve Taubman (The Network Marketers Hypnotist). has been creating transformational programs for the last decade to help networkers rewire their minds for success and get into action.
Some of Dr. Steve’s award-winning programs include:

  • UnHypnosis: Wake Up, Start Over, and Create the Life You’re Meant to Live… #1 Bestseller
  • UnHypnosis for Network Marketers: Top 25 Must Have Product by Direct Selling Live
  • The Magic of Inner Selling Audio Training Series: 5 Steps for Mastering the Art of Selling
  • Procrastination Annihilation: 6-Week Procrastination-to-Profitability Home Study Course
  • The 21-Day Challenge: 3-Week Team-Based Program for Increasing Recruits by 40-50%

Dr. Steve blends empowering tools, tips and strategies with a proprietary self-hypnosis process called unhypnosis to eliminate mental barriers to success and implant results-oriented beliefs into field reps from top network marketing leaders.
Dr. Steve’s training style combines humor, magic, and awe-inspiring demonstrations to help participants experience breakthroughs that last a lifetime.

Dr. Steve is a regular contributor and an expert trainer for such industry standards as Networking Times, The Network Marketing Magazine, Direct Selling Live, The Tom Chenault Radio Show, ANMP, MLMIA, DSWA, and many more. His live programs and learning resources have been acknowledged throughout the network marketing industry for creating up to 50% increases in team productivity.

Dr. Steve is considered one of the network marketing industry’s most potent resources and most entertaining presenters. To learn more about Dr. Steve, visit www.stevetaubman.com.

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