Evan Klassen Invite Us to Join The 2nd Asian Networkers Convention & Expo 2014.


Hi Guys, What’s up! This is Evan Klassen from Hawaii. I am so trill and excited to come to the 2nd Asian Networkers Convention and Expo in Manila, Philippines on 18-20th of August. We will have many grate world speakers and people come together to learn about this industry and I am very honor to be there to speak and as well as to perform. And I hope to see you there, If your not make up your mind yet, come and join us because we going to have some grate time with many-many people that will be there at the convention. We hope you’ll join us. This is Evan live from Hawaii coming at you. It’s a great life.

Evan Klassen, Is a singer and a Networker. He will be performing live at the Gala Dinner and Award Night for the 2nd Asian Networkers Convention & Expo

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