Fern-C karters bag 5 trophies


They may be neophytes but the Fern-C Racing Kids prove their potential as future champions following their big haul recently in sixth and penultimate leg of the 2010 Magnolia Purewater Karting Super Series at the Clark International Raceway.

Top bet Estefano Rivera and Aira Medrano rose to the occasion as they copped tow champion and two runner-up trophies with the big support of the Fern-C, PCR-Italy, Placewell International Inc., Gateway Tour Int’l. Inc., and Golf Sky.

“Their achievements made us really proud. They may be young and neophytes in the sports but they’ve shown big hearts and endurance to reach the top much like how Fern-C made it as the top Vitamin-C supplement in the Philippines,” said Fern-C president and CEO Tom Tan.

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