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Dreams are the visions where we want to end up after our struggle and Goals are how we get there, the individual steps we take to ultimately deserve the price.

We have to think and dreams first before we can set our goal. Goals will process your dream and imagination into reality. Everybody can dream but not everyone has a goal to get it. make a difference" href="">Think Big

A person without a goal end up nowhere but the person who has a goal will meet his desired success.

You need to dream big and believe in your dream. Consider your dream to be realistic and achievable and can be process by your goal. Don’t make an illusion because you are only deceiving yourself. Life is too short to believe in the false hope. Dream of something that can be done, things that someone has already done it and dream that you think you really can.

Kinds of dream

Don’t fall into a illusions because it is dream that never exist in reality.

Material, health, mental, spiritual and relationship are the basic dreams you can have. Each of them can be achieve by the right goals.

Kinds of goal

A goal are step by step procedure how you can reach your dreams.

Long term goals are most likely the big dreams that you want to have. It can be the set of accomplishment of your short term goals. These are the things you want to happen a years from now. A long term goal can be a wedding, buying a mansion house, millions of savings, and having your children to finish their study in schools.

Short term goals are very important and it can delay your long term goal. Don’t prolong a short goal, you must act now. Make a habit of accomplishing your goal each day and you will become master of it.

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