What is Ask Upline Guest Post?

The guest post is an article created by guest author submited and publish in this blog.

Everyone is welcome to send guest post “article” related to business, marketing, and inspirations. We will approve the article the meet the following criteria. We love to have success story, marketing tips and product review testimonial that you can share.

  • Compose of at least 250 words
  • Sensible
  • Neutral and not offensive
  • Good information
  • Original composition
  • Original Image and video (optional)

You can send us your story of success, how you manage your business, and more other helpful tips and strategies to make your goals.

Email us your article with your name and contact and we will review it. You will be notify once your article is approved.

Featured Leaders Post Guidelines

Email us your answers regarding the interview. You can email it to dlysen[a]yahoo.com

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Personal Website or blog:
  • Attached your photos as many as possible

About You

Tell something about yourself. Age, Professional and educational background, how long have you been doing Network Marketing. You can tell us about something in your place and who are you in your family.

Habits and Interest

You can share about the things you love to do and your passion on a certain hobbies and interest in life.

Who are you in the past?

Let us know your background and lifestyle before you join mlm. You can also tell us your mlm journey if you like to sharing your experience in previous mlm company.

Your deepest reason why become successful?

The reasons that push you to succeed and the motivation why you never quit.

What can you say about your first Millions?

How long and how easy or hard you earned it. Or are you close to get your first accumulated millions in MLM. Your average income per year.

Share to us your best achievement you had?

Your recognitions and awards can be one of them. The dream that you turn into reality. You can tell also your experience like travel and living like extra ordinary.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

Share all the things you want to achieve. A vision board or a dream board

What is favorite lesson?

Your advice to the people who are reading your profile. Your personal experience about failure and success.

Featured Product Post Guideline

This is a quick product review format!

What is your product?

The best description your product but don’t over hype! Make it more exciting and well explain. You can outline the ingredients – what is the products, benefits – why use this products and recommendation – this product good for this precaution.

Product testimonial?

Share your o