Hello #Nworld We have embraced a culture of creating and doing. We are not a f…


Hello #Nworld

We have embraced a culture of creating and doing. We are not a fan of talking loud and proud just for the sake of talking. We act, we move, we make things happen. This explains why our #startupcompaNy have made quite relatively significant achievements from our humble beginning until mid year of 2016.

No other words can explain how the market has approve of our outstanding goodwill and remarkable intangible triumphs than showing you the tangible results and records that can be validated. Our numbers add up and they do not lie. We are grateful for all your support, loyalty and patronage.

Allow me to share you #NworldMilestones in a glimpse and streamlined graphical presentation.

– 12 FDA registered HALAL certified #Nlighten and #Nhance products made by our ISO and GMP compliant manufacturing partners.
– Our 14 branches + 2 branches opening this 4th quarter of 2016 and of course, the 2,000+/- sqm headquarters at the heart of Ortigas Business District make the most number of company owned stores/branches by a startup company in this industry given the length of its delivery. This speaks volumes about our seriousness and commitment in this business.
– We employ 209 human resource. This is 209 employees less to our country’s unemployed individuals.
– P1.050 Billion (rounded off) Gross sales in less than one year from the start of operations. This is by far the record holder in the industry since MLM started in the Philippines more than 30 years ago.
– P57.5M (rounded off) VAT remittance for the revenues until June 3O, 2016 ( 57.5 million)
– P42.1M (rounded off) EWT remittance for the 10% sales bonuses withheld for from our distributors’ sales bonuses paid until June 30, 2016.
– P421M (rounded off) total sales bonus paid out to our distributors.
– 178 plus local travel incentive awardees in less than a year.
– Top 50 will enjoy an international travel incentive.
– P50M increase in paid up capital making our total paid capitalization to P150M. Biggest paid up capital of a startup MLM company in the history of Philippines.
– relatively, we increased our Authorized capital from P100M to P200M.
– we have awarded 13 new members of League of Grandmasters and 53 new members of League of Masters. While we have given out a much bigger sales bonuses collectively, we do not just base our awards from one’s total income but with other defining factors as well. Thus, earning an award from us only means you have performed more than the standard.
– well provided marketing support such as our product catalogs, sales tools, Nfinity, Nworld’s official magazine, product orientation and demonstration video and a lot more.
– Nworld mobile app, the first of its kind in the industry. Making you conduct your sales monitoring and transactions easier and more fun.

The list goes on… This may be some minuscule feat compare to giant companies, but we are relatively not even a year in operations. Imagine now how and what else we could all do together in the decades to come. I take honor and dignity sharing this to you my beloved #Ntrepreneurs Feel free to share this to our fellows and customers. #AlphanetworldCorporation is a customer-centric, pro-distributor and a well governed company that will continuously do what we do best for all of you, make things happen! And yes, we will do more to bring this business to the #Nextlevel because this is just the beginning, the best is yet to come!

To God be the Glory and welcome to the #EraofNworld


NWorld – Alphanetworld Corporation

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