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How Humans Learn What They Can Do?


Each person’s growth and development is influenced by three different kinds of learning.

1. Learning that comes directly from experience

Inner – comes with your commonsense and instinct
Self-motivated – learn from your curiosities and reasoning.
Self-manage learning –learning that result from the urge to explore and play.

2. Imitating those around us.

Through “modeling” In network marketing business this is what we call copy upline or copy the successful person in your business, we acquire the action patterns of others.

3. A third kind of learning is controlled and directed by others.

Training programs, team building, and workshops applications are design to for us to learn as fast and understand more about the certain thing that you want to learn.

These are just all about learning and understanding, because when you know and understand it is now easy for you to do it. All information that we gather in our life help and teach us what we can do.

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