How To Get Your First Million In MLM?


Making your first million income in Multi Level Marketing or in any kind of business is a challenging goal. But when you did it, It is now just a matter of repetitions. Many formula or ways how get it. Always look for an advice of a successful person. They may have different stories and you can learn some unique process and common things on their doings.

There should be a formula if where talking about numbers. Let say the formula for your first million is “time x money = goals.” How many days do you want to get your goal? How much money do you save each day for your goals? These two questions will be the basis of your progress in getting your first million.

When you want to earn your first million in ten months then you have divide 1 million by 10 months. It means that you have to save at least 100,000.00 every month.

Now you have a perfect formula to earn your first million. The next thing you do is to prepare to get it. How much effort and sales do you need to make that savings for your goal?

Thanks for MLM that allows us to leverage our time to our affiliate.

The next formula is to know how much sales you need to push to earn that much and how many affiliate do you need to participate. Let us say that your company allows you to earn 10% on your group sales then you have to push at least 1 million sales to meet your savings every month. When the average affiliate can push 10,000.00 per month then you need more than 100 affiliate in your organization.

  • Percent in Sales = 10%
  • Number of Affiliates = 99
  • The Average Sales = 10,000.00
  • Money = the average sales ( you + affiliates ) x percent in sales
  • Time = 10 months
  • 1M = Time x Money
  • 1M = 10months x 10,000.00(1+99) x 10%

This formula is calculated in ten months but with the power of MLM it can reach your first 1 million in ten weeks. There are no secrets but there is a formula to make efficient goals. That is clearly possible by adding more affiliates you can increase your sales with no limit.

there are no secrets

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