Using Video for Marketing

How to invite prospect using Audio Visual Presentation?


It is easy to offer your business when you have a video presentation. If you have a very detailed and attractive audio video presentation and more importantly if the presentation can convert a sales then your job now is to invite prospect to watch the video. You must know all about the video and the message that should be delivered to the audience. This will help you how you can introduce the video presentation to your prospects.

Duration of Time

People are always pretend to be busy when you ask favor or something. Be confident to ask them to watch 5-10 five to ten minutes presentation because it will not take so much of their time. It is more effective when you have the opportunity to introduce the video before your prospect watch it. It is because you can follow up them right after the minutes of presentations. You can immediately know if they are interested or not.

How to invite prospect from your social network?

From any social network that you are in (facebook, twitter, tumblr, myspace friendster, etc.), always start a good conversation first and develop your reputation. Relationship must be first established because you are offering yourself as a friend and later a business partner. If the person rejects your business, you still have them as friend; maybe it is not the right time for them to join in your business.

Start a conversation first before you fire this script:

You : Do you have another extra 5 to 10 minutes to chat with me? “approach with a perfect timing”
Friend : Yes It is too bad if the reply is No. “not to worry because the next line will make it yes.”
You : I try to contact you because I want your opinion about the video I am going to show you. I know you are very good to on this subject. It will be great to have your genius opinion. “Cook his ego”
Friend : Yes “feeling real genius and brilliant”
You : Here is the link and I will ask you again after 5 minutes, “stand by and be with him until he finished watching.”

Everybody wants to be praise on our good traits and being genius for 5 minutes is not a waste of time, I can easily give favor to those people who can is willing to hear my genius opinions. Remember that our prospect is not the negative one, temporally don’t engage them with your business, get back on them when you are already successful.

You : What can you say about the video? If you are interested know more about it, then I will personally invite you to join my team and we will help you to start your business. “Give hint why he should join your team”

The video presentation must be very effective and strong to convince the audience.

Your video marketing must be very attractive and very easy to understand. You might need to change the video presentation when you observed that it doesn’t convert or convince people in to your business. The video marketing page must have good video and forms where the audience can subscribe for your follow up. They will not subscribe when they are not interested. You have to follow up immediately when someone subscribe and grow their interest in the business.

Here are the samples of killer video presentation that will always trigger your prospect to join.

Appointment Setting and Follow up

Don’t fail on this part, your energy and enthusiasm must be relay to the people you have shown your business. They find the business good but they are still looking for good partnership. Show them that you are very sincere in doing business because people are more likely willing to join on the winning team. Immediately set an appointment and discus how will you work as a team. Call back and appreciate their action to inquire about the video presentation. You must be more willingly to assist your new prospect in to the business.

The Advantages of having a Online Video Marketing Presentation

  • It will operate for you 24hours a day.
  • It will convince your audience even if you are sleeping.
  • Your video will never get tired of presenting and explaining what is your business all about.
  • I can handle simultaneous presentation.
  • You already leverage yourself.
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