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How to make prospect list?


Your prospects are a very important in building your network marketing business. You cannot grow network marketing business when you don’t have the people to join in your organization. Prospect list will be your inventory of people that you are going to invite to present your business.

Warm Market Prospect

The people that you already know are the warm list. It starts with your family, relative, friends and the person who knows you.

Cold Market Prospect

The people who surround you are your cold market prospect. They are likely strangers that you approached and share conversations. The opportunity to know their name and a little about them can be recorded in your cold list.

Planning your prospect list

Categorize your prospect according to their interest and potential.

Name – list all the person that you can recall the sort it out while checking on their potential

Contact – establishing ways to connect is important, it could be an email address, phone number or home address.

Background – Getting to know about their background will give you some idea how you can approach them. You can learn their behavior and mode of communication and interest.

Wants – You can always win when you know about their weakness and that is their wants. They might want material things, activities, and opportunities. You can invite them by showing what they want.

Appointment – Set the time on the appointment date. You can learn how to invite prospect into presentation in my previous post.

Remarks – You can update remarks after the appointment is done by invest (when joined), follow up(to keep positive), products(interested on products only) and new referral.

Example Prospect List Table

Name Contact Background Wants Appointment Remarks
Dangal facebook Blogger McBook Air Sat 7 pm invest
Gilbert C 0933… Businessman Baby Morning Invest
Jun Kintanar 0920… MLM Legend Opportunity None
VJ Gonzalez 0927… Coach Influence Jan 25 follow up
Laire L 0919…. Student Extra income none
Lutchie D  … OFW Business none

List all the people you know starting with your warm list and cold list. Religiously add prospect list every time you remember names or meet new friends and strangers.

All of them are possible to join with your business and you will get people who see the same visions that you see. They are will become your new leaders who believe that there is something good to happen.

Prospect listing is a numbers game, the more you list the more you have the probability to get new leaders. Only few on my prospect list had joined me and they bring more people as I never expected.

How to get prospect from your cold market?

Giving away flyers with your contact information and direct approach to offer your business are the traditional ways of getting new leads or prospects. Advertisement in newspaper or online ads is also proven effective but you have to invest in your marketing expenses. Receiving interested response from your flyer, news paper ads and starting a good conversation is a good sign of new leads.

The magnetic sponsoring tools and video tutorials can help you to generate more leads, prospects and money to your business.

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