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How to Prospect without Running Off Your Friends & Family with Vanessa Horn


Vanessa Horn is one of the finest and topnotch speaker of Asian Networkers Convention and Expo 2013 and 2014. I am glad to share her prospecting strategy to help us in building the foundation of our business. Please watch the video and enjoy.

Tell me if this sounds like you…

You got into network marketing because you love the idea of time freedom, creating a residual income and helping other people.

But when it comes to talking to people about your business, sometimes you find it hard to do.

You procrastinate.

You mess around with things you know don’t bring income into your business, but you find it hard to motivate yourself.

And deep down inside you are afraid of rejection or being one of “those people.” You know, one of those people that friends and family cringe to see coming because they know they are going to talk about their business again.

I get it. I was in your shoes. That dream and a burning desire to be able to build a substantial business so that I could be home with my kids.

But making those calls, it can be scary. Will I mess it up? Will I turn off the top prospects on my list before I even create any momentum or success in my business. Then what would I do?

Can I be successful in this if I do not consider myself a sales person?

Here’s the good news. I had tremendous success. NOT BEING A PUSHY SALES Person. In fact, I built to the top of 2 companies, making a consistent multiple six figure income, building in such a way that felt authentic, honoring of others, and what others said was “classy.”

Since then, I am no longer actively building in the field, but instead, I’m working as a coach to the direct sales and network marketing industry. My passion is to elevate the industry and the good we can do by empowering people like you with the tools and skills you need to see success in a way that is honorable. I work with distributors from dozens of companies.

And I have a free video series for you. My simple “Profit With Honor” Prospecting System that will help you Attract an endless stream of prospects without driving away people you love.

It will teach you the exact methods I used myself.

I will teach you how to tap into a deeper motivation source within you.
I will teach you how to share with others so that they are eager to work with you. You’ll love this section, because this means an end to chasing prospects.
Lastly, I will teach a prospecting process that has people virtually close themselves.

So I’m not going to make you wait days for all the videos,
You can watch all of them right now. And get the accompanying action sheets to apply it to you right away.

So go on, jump in. Let’s take your success to the next level without losing your friends, family or soul in the process.


I personally invite you to check her website: for more information.

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