How to reach people for your business?


The ways of reaching people are evolving with technology. From post mail to email and telephone to mobile phone are the evidences of change. Does reaching people sound hard today? Or you just don’t find the better ways.

I’ve seen successful distributor how they reach people in the 90’s, I testified myself the big improvement of today over the past decade. The most important is they become millionaire without the technology of today.

Today I’ve seen those people left behind and others are still struggling in the new generation of Network Marketing. The question is why these new distributors make more money than those who are in business before them. Technology makes the difference in reaching people.

We must intrude our self first before the business. Build a trust before you offer something. Because trust can give comfort, your business approach will become more effective.

We use technology to reach people we can say that the old method works but there is always a better way. I want to share my experience with the old method and share some advice.

Telephone Calls

This method comes first when you are ready to share your business. It composes of your family, friends, relatives, or people who are close to you. It is easily to give a call to the person you know. Always keep the conversation short and simple and master the good script to set an appointment.

Flyer and brochure

I’ve experience giving 500pcs to 1000 pcs of flyer in a single day. I got 10% response on text message and about less that 6% attend on my presentation. The response will also defend on the location where you are giving. You will get low response if give flyers on the mall or shopping center because the people that goes there are not looking for the opportunity. Give flyers near the office of city government because people who go there are most likely looking for opportunity. Some of them are completing their business requirements and other are looking for jobs vacancy.

News Paper and Classified Ads

This advantage of this win over giving flyers. News paper normally circulating 10,000 copies varies on territory or location. Convert the expenses you spend on giving flyer and the costing of your materials to place and advertisement. You can save time and effort on giving and wait for the response. I suggest to submit a bold text or box ads with black background and white text. This will help you call the readers attentions.

Internet Marketing

I’ve experience giving message to over 1000 people in 1 hour and it is the big difference compared on giving flyers. While flyer has limited on location, the online sales page can reach everywhere in the world. The good thing about the internet is your sales page can be viewed 24 hours, 7 days a week and that can make you earn even if you are sleeping. You can expose your business on your blogs, social media community, advertisement and email marketing.

Direct Approach

It is easy to build trust when you do this method. If you have to opportunity to starts with a good conversation then introduce yourself very well and give your best presentations.

It is easy to reach people if the offer is interesting. Show more benefits when they engage with your offer. Make it unique to eliminate comparison. Be presentable when you offer something, because customers check if you are the user of your product. It is no good when you offer health product but you look unhealthy. Use your brain to reach them and touch them with your heart.

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