business knowledge

Learn and get wisdom.


A distributor did not succeed alone by the volume of sales from his organizations but from the training he learned. The success ingredients are never cooked with few recipes.

Learning is important, but the more important is to apply what you learned. There is a story about turkey that learns to fly but walk home at the end of the day. Just like people who know that they can get their dreams from then business but never once try to engage. They learned but do you think they don’t get wisdom?

It is easy to get your success but it will depend on the achievement you want to reach. It is always possible to win by trying. You will waste your time and effort when you don’t know how you can get your goal. You have to learn before you try to make it easier.

Wisdom and logic

Do not ask the poor person how to become rich because they cannot give you good advice. They can say they know and learn it how, but they don’t really understand why, and that makes them poor. Ask the rich person how to become rich and they will start telling how wonderful it is. They can give the key to know how and guide you because they already there.

Learn and Unlearn

It is hard to unlearn what you had learned. The thing you use to believe is what you are doing, and we keep it doing repeatedly. We all know that we can make money by having a good job; we learn this from our parents. Study hard, get good grades and find a good job. They said that we must learn but they forgot to say get wisdom. What we learn from the past may not be applied today, you must learn more.

I am alive but without a purpose I am nothing. You learn but if you cannot use it, it is like you didn’t learn at all.

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