It’s what makes us grow. It’s how we become successful.

Steps in the learning process:

  1. Intention and desire. Interest in knowing more, willingness and openness to new ideas, perspective and skills.
  2. Awareness. Being conscious and awake. It is both being receptive to the outside world and sensitive to your inner self. With awareness comes a sense of direction. What do you want to learn? Your direction is shaped by many factors. It is motivated by your ideals, it is based on your values and it is guided by what is possible both today and in the future.
  3. Information. Awareness brings us many types of information.
  4. Action. Application. Implementation. This is what gives us experience.
  5. Results.
    1. Joy of learning. We enjoy seeing things differently, gaining insight and understanding and feeling we have grown.
    2. Discovering what we can do with our learning. It gives us more power to create and to fulfill our dreams and desires.
    3. Ability to share what we know. A great sense of satisfaction can come from teaching and helping others.
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