Mentor Versus Adviser


A mentor is someone who has already done what you want to do… and is successful at doing it.

An adviser is someone who tells you how to do it, but has not personally done it. Be careful of the advice you take. While you must keep your mind open, always be first aware of where the advice is coming from.

The teacher or professor in school is either your Mentor or Adviser. When they tell story about the success of other person, I know that they are only giving advice. But when they tell stories about themselves, I can understand more because I am listening to the person who had their experienced.

It is more advisable to learn from the people with their experience. They are the one who can show how they had been through from struggle to success. That is what we called mentor while the adviser will only share the story of success and know nothing about how that person struggle to success.

Beware of the advice that is contradicted to the success of other person. You might be listening to the person who failed. You your commonsense where you want to learn from the Mentor that can show you how or from the Adviser who fail to do it.

If you want to get good grades then ask your teacher how. If you want to become good basketball player then play with the best team or play with Michael Jordan. If you want to become rich then ask the person who is rich. Use your commonsense and don’t ask poor people how to become rich.

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