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Monoline Company Failed to Deliver Payout


You can hear so many reasons why the bonuses or payout of the distributor had been delayed. The question is; does the company income turn to be negative when giving their very promising compensation plan?

Our System Had Been Hack?

Even if your system had been hacked, the company must provide and give the bonuses of the distributors. Distributor can always consider the down fall of the company but they please to have a fair business.

The Over Pay Out

The fault in your marketing plan is company responsibility. People join and invest in your membership because they believe in the program and the marketing system. The distributor’s job is to share the business and get their incentives, bonuses, and commission on the scheduled date. The company must provide the system and the promise earnings of all members.

I.T. Person Problem

When the company doesn’t invest on the IT infrastructure then it will be a good problem to solve. It is okay to start with a low end IT infrastructures and facilities and hire a good in-house programmer.  In-house IT can immediately address any concern regarding the system and back up everything from time to time. Don’t rely on one IT person in your company, get at least five who knows how to run the system and understand every detail of the system and program.

The management becomes greedy.

I hope that money cannot control your attitudes. Money is power and if you become obsess and greedy then your business partner and the company itself may suffer. Always appreciate what is left for you, it is always good to share your part and get more hopes to receive more blessings.

The distributors frustrate the company

The company is always trying to solve the problem but the distributor keeps on butting in. When the company gets tired and also lost their patient on the distributors complain, then it is very easy for them to close down and declare bankruptcy.

In my opinion

The compensation plan has not been tested before they actually put in to the business. Simulation is very important, by checking the actual number of distributor and accounting ledger of in and out of money can give you the right answers. The programmer is not responsible for the outcome of the computation; they will do a program that the company designed.

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  1. Jiggy Toledo
    Jiggy Toledo says:

    Yes you are right because a lot companies are giving bigger commission or promising huge amount per cycle to attract investors but after a few weeks you will hear all the reasons from the management that you have mentioned in your article.
    I know one company that is very transparent.. Once you encoded your code you can see all the members down your line including their acct. numbers and their names. You will be able to count your cycles day to day because it is online. They have a very good system that was tested by their IT and can accommodate up to 10 million members. Their compensation plan was simulated to see to it that the company won’t overpay. The commissions will be based on the products sold and it will be divided by the cycles made for the week. I can assure you that they have quality products with FR numbers from FDA.. The company is already on its 8th year in the MLM business.

    • ask upline
      ask upline says:

      Hi Jiggy, We are glad to hear what company are you in. You promoted it very well but we don’t want to guest what company it is.I am glad that company exist and we hope that it will last for a long time.

  2. Jiggy Toledo
    Jiggy Toledo says:

    Hi Mr. Dangal Macatangay, the reason why I didn’t mention the name of the company where I belong because I just want to share my opinion of what you wrote and it is very unethical for me to promote a company here. I agree with all the articles or blog you wrote about the monoline system.. Actually we should be the first one to introduce this kind of system ahead of Mandura but the management didn’t pushed thru the idea because we will be using Matrix which we believe that it will be very difficult for the distributors to earn. I’ve been in the networking industry for 21 years and I knew a lot of people have been burned out already because of the promises made by the companies and even their uplines. this is one of the reason why a lot of people are having a negative idea about networking.
    I would like to thank you for your reply and I hope our company will last forever, so we can leave a legacy here in our country. It is a 100% Filipino own company and our medical consultant is one of the best or maybe the best herbalist here in the Philippines.
    The company is already on its 8th year but a lot of people doesn’t know or heard about our company and our products. For the record, our company was never been delayed in paying the commissions not even once. The management also sees to it that our products are much cheaper than the similar products being sold over the counter or even with our competitors because a lot of people especially the consumers always think that a product from a MLM company is very expensive and we want to break that image in the MLM industry.
    My advice to those who wants to join a company using the monoline system, please study first their products if its really value for money and should be useful for your daily consumption. Secondly, you should know the management if those people have an integrity and have a heart for their distributors. They should also be visible from time to time and open to suggestions. After all of these, try to scrutinized deeply their marketing plan if it is fair for everyone and won’t overpay in the future.
    If you really want to know the company I’m referring to, please don’t hesitate to give me call or text me at these numbers 09228115406 (sun), 09175235406 (globe) and 09998792565(smart).
    Thanks a lot and God bless us all..

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