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Monoline MLM Breakthrough


This year 2013, Monoline becomes more popular since it was introduce by Mandura “the first company ever to implement a compensation plan called the Straight Line Forced Matrix way back October 2008.” The old school of network marketing will always work but innovation will always stand out. Monoline is a breakthrough fast start income that gives momentum on unilevel, binary, and stair steps compensation plan.

Company who start with Monoline

  • Mandura
  • Xyngular
  • Oks-Global
  • Lifestyle M&Co
  • PDA Rice Network Enterprises
  • Elite Gold Access –

The company who adopted monoline

  • Ultimaxbiz
  • Clasique Herbs
  • VitaHerbs
  • PeakLife
  • Lifestyle M&Co

The advantage of monoline

You will get an organization with the help you your upline and watch them grow. You can practice your responsibility as an upline. Of course you get compensated fast depending on the percentage that the company put on your line and level.

How monoline works?

The structure of your downline will be base on the time stamp of joining. Simply it is a first come first serve and who ever join after you will be your network. Even the new distributor was invited by your upline, the system implement the rules that who ever come first deserved to get benefits. The bonus will always depend on the compensation policy of the company using this monoline system. Some other requires you to sponsor at least two people to be qualified in the bonus and maintenance. Check your company compensation manual and learn the policy.

Why Monoline is good, better or the best?

Eddy Chai is one of the non-believers of mono-line. “I have not studied the Mono-Line plan. You all know that I am a strong believer that wide is the only way to go in MLM and that even binary or any Forced Matrix plan is not a good idea.” – Eddy Chaisource facebook

I understand from what he said that he did not studied the mono-line.

Straight line force matrix has been proved by Mandura and Xyngular to help the distributor to be able to get momentum in fast start income. The system can be followed by another kind of compensation plan like, unilevel, binary or stair step bonus.

Other people believe that Mono-line is for lazy people, but it isn’t true for the people who have the real intention to help. You still have the option to work and invite more so mono-line don’t break the rule that you should stop sharing. It so happen that monoline let you leverage on the people who will join before and after you. It its because even your upline will always place a new distributor on the new member.

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