PayPal Account for Online Business Transaction


Online business must have the facilities to handle their transactions over the internet. PayPal gives the convenience way to receive and pay online. PayPal serves as the payment gateway between you and your costumers. Your PayPal money can be transfer or withdraw to your bank account anytime.

Setting up your PayPal Account is easy. Go to the registration page and create business or premier account. I don’t recommend personal account, we’re going to make business here and PayPal Business Account is better, it has more advantage over personal accounts.

How to Create PayPal Account?

  • Go to the registration page (click open the registration page)
  • Fill up all necessary information. Please take note that you have to put your name and business name equivalent to your bank account name to process your withdrawal. Your withdrawal can not validate or process if the names doesn’t match.
  • You will receive email confirmation after you submit your application.
  • You can now use your PayPal to start receiving and paying secure transaction online.

We can manage local transaction with cash or other mode of payment but PayPal makes a difference. More and more Business or Individuals are now using PayPal. It is very useful for over the country transactions.

How to receive money using your PayPal on fast start?

Ask your customer or client to pay bills via PayPal. You can use the email form of asking the amount of money and send them via email or links. This is also good if you are asking money for your family, but it is awkward to ask money from the strangers.

Create donation bottom and pray for generous person to donate via PayPal. I found this more often from generous website who offers free services too. It’s okay to donate when you get satisfied or like their product and services.

Sell your products or services with a PayPal button. If you have your own product or service fee, you can add PayPal button to receive payment form your customers or client.

Affiliate Marketing – Making your PayPal to receive incentives or bonuses from the program you are affiliated. Affiliate marketing is referring products or services which you can earn money depending on the program policy of the affiliate marketing.

You can learn all this when you get inside your PayPal account.

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