Pray for others to be blessed so there would be less people you need to help. …


Pray for others to be blessed so there would be less people you need to help.

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Good Friday reflection:

Pray because you have a lot to thank for. If you have not received the blessings you prayed for, hold on, they will be specially delivered to you in His time just the way He wants them for you. God gives us blessings in various forms, we just have to be keen in realizing them. Even if you think you are not blessed because your prayers are not answered, remember that every single day we wake up alive, is another form of blessing that keeps us moving. Pray, even when you encounter challenges, it is God’s way of teaching us lessons, it is his mighty way of preparing us for something great, It is His way of molding us to have a gratitude-attitude so when He blesses us, we are ready to embrace and appreciate the overwhelming abundance.

Pray not only for yourself, your loved ones and your businesses. Pray even for your haters, competitors and detractors. Pray that they would all be blessed the way God blesses you and your entire domain. Prayer does miracles. Haters become your admirers when they are blessed. Competitors become your followers when they are blessed. Detractors become your allies when they are blessed. There is so much blessing for everyone, and yes, even for all of us! Let us Pray, it works!

Have a Good Friday #Ntrepreneurs


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