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Prepare to start your own MLM Company


We have seen people earn money from MLM Company and now putting their own MLM Company. They want to take the advantage of managing and in control of the business. Other big investors who believe in it start their MLM business too. Not every one succeeds in the history and the most of them failed.

People who earn money from MLM and put up their own MLM Company.

  • Eddy Chia – Founder and CEO of Diamond Lifestyle Corporation
  • Ed Cabantud, Francis Miguel and John Asperin – Founded the Alliance In Motion Global
  • William Barbo and Oliver Chua – Unlimited Network of Opportunities International Corporation
  • Jaime Butch Buteng – Victory Global Unlimited Systems Inc.

Billionaire who invest in MLM.

  • Trey White – Evolv founder,
  • Donald Trump – the Trump Network
  • Warren Buffet –  Has bought 7 MLM companies and one of them is Pampered Chef

It is best to when you have a good partners or co-owners of the company but it’s more grateful when you can manage to hire them and with you.

I notice that most of the risk takers are failure than the people who are prepared to engage. There are many things to consider before starting your own company.

I list the basic needs of MLM company below.

  • Products – The heart of the business. You have to compete with the other brand or else have one that is unique and incomparable to others.
  • Management – Making everything organize will make your system run smoothly. The management of the company is responsible to give solutions and innovations to marketing and systems.
  • Systems – The blue print of your business. There are always systems in every point of transactions. This can make your business easy to understand and pass through others.
  • Fund – The funds will help your business stands. Without fund the company will collapse eventually.
  • Experience – Remember the road you have been so that you can go back safely. In business your failure must be learnt and never do the same mistake it again.
  • Influence – it’s just a bonus when you can take advantage of your popularity. You can find influential people to join with your business and its how the law of leverage does.
  • Marketing – This motivates people, the incentives and benefits they can have from the company will make them happy to stay. They love to endorse more products when you make them satisfied.
  • Legality – Please registered your company, make it legal and government compliance.
  • People – The company partners or associates. They will represent your company as you provide them the system and their benefits.

This is a great offer to every customer to become new distributors when you have all of the criteria above. The reason why most MLM company fails is because they don’t have the other requirements.

My first MLM Company was Micro Amigo Probiotics who has a very good and unique product, it fails because of not having enough funds and the management is not solid for having the same decision. This year 2011 I become one of the boards Director of Wellness Treasures International Marketing Inc. and we are on our way to build it. It is a great privilege to have these experiences. I’m getting more ready and prepared in every experienced I had.

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  1. Gilbey Aguirre
    Gilbey Aguirre says:

    Hi Lourdes,

    Its so nice to drop by and read your awesome articles here at, i learned a lot with your contents and looking forward to be more knowledgeable and effective in our industry.. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of content…Keep it up, and be channels of more aspiring and successful leaders of our industry! God bless and more power!


  2. Alfred Reambonanza
    Alfred Reambonanza says:

    We are starting our own MLM company. Presented our plans to a dealer of a popular car manufacturer in the Philippines and they promised to supply us 20,000 units of brand new sedans on a NO DEPOSIT, NO INTEREST plan. We intend to give away the first 200 units to the first 200 members who reaches Level-3 as a forced shoot-up of membershipapplication and the rests will be given to the last 8th. level.

    We are using Unilevel Forced Matrix of 4×8. We have a good plans but could not lift-off because of lack of funding. I would highly appreciate if you know anyone who would be interested in investing into MLM business.

    We are selling the last and remaining 35% of 1000 shares, or 350 shares pegged at par value of P5,000 per share to any interested party. An investor/s should have invested at least 50-shares to sit as one of the Board of Director. Any interested party can call me at 0923-2439585. Many thanks.

    • dangal
      dangal says:

      Hi Alfred, I hope you can find what you are looking, It is good to start a company with stable financial asset and your will be so bless to find an investor who can participate and invest in your business.

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