Read your company manuals


The company manual contains information about the company. It is very important to know how was company started and how their business works. The manual set the rules and guides. Knowing and these will make you the better representative of your company. There are many reasons why you should read your company manuals such us, the company policies, product information and marketing scheme. It is very common to people that they join first before they read manuals.

Know everything about the company before going to engage with them. Most people join because the company was properly endorsed. Sometimes it’s like the coffee drink, you will never know if it is sweet until you taste it. It is very risky to join on the company own by people with bad track record, or product that fails and marketing plan that didn’t compensate.

The representatives are hiding something.

The common mistake of the representative is not giving the complete information. They are usually afraid to tell the risk and other requirements of the business. It is true that people don’t like the business to be difficult with quotas and other policies that it is hard to achieve. But people will invest time and effort to do the business then fails to achieve the goals because they miss the requirements. It always happens to those who didn’t read and understand the company manuals. Please don’t blame those representatives who encourage you to join after reading this, because you must be responsible to know everything and understand what the business is all about.

The company manual updates and other memorandum.

Know the updates and revisions of your company manuals. Your company might have change on how the business is done, gives important information and implementation. Distributor mislead if they represent old information that was already revised.

Why you should read your company manuals?

  • You can represent your company very well.
  • You can do the business efficiently
  • You deliver the right information and avoid misleading people.
  • You can gain more trust to your customer by sharing them complete information.
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