Reseller Platform – With Unilevel Program to empower resellers


Reseller Platform With Unilevel Program to empower resellers.

What you get?

You can provide a replicated business model to your reseller.
The business model that duplicate and leverage your reseller.

E commerce with:

– Product Catalog
– Manage Cart Items
– Shipping Calculator
– Checkout with:
— Bitcoin
— GCash
— Credit Card

Admin Panel

– Product List
— Add and Edit Products
– Order List
— Update Order Status
— Pending
— Paid
— Canceled
— Update Shipping Status
— Ready
— On The Way
— Delivered
— Returned
– Customers / Reseller
— Account Settings
— Active and Banned
– Cash In and Cash Out
— Bank Transfer
— Bitcoin

Members Dashboard

– Sign In and Sign Up
– Account Settings
– Sales Report
– Wallet for Cash In and Cash Out.
– Genealogy

Unilevel Plan

100% of the markup profit will be distributed to your desired commission per levels.
For example 20% from 1st to 5th level for total of 100% distributed profit.
Customized profit allocation per level.

Why Create A Reseller Program?

To offer an opportunity to online marketer who wants to start with ZERO CAPITAL!
Get more FREE PROMOTIONS since your program to earn will empower all your reseller.