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The mission of the company is “To create a company that will address the great basic needs of humanity – good health, beauty and wealth.” and its vision “To empower everyone by providing superior quality products and resources, excellent trainings knowledge, skills, incentives and motivations for fulfillment of dreams.”

The company is under the umbrella of OMNISOURCE DISTRIBUTION UNLIMITED COMPANY where it was registered on Security and Exchange Commissions on January 03, 2011. OMNI-means the beginning; the evolution: the first source of the newest products in relation to cosmetics and food supplements. The company is under the management of President and CEO Ms. Ruth Bunhardt.

The company launches successfully and now having two offices, one in Mandaluyong and the other is in Laguna. With regards to products sales, they sold more than what the company expected!
You can start your business for only Php 3,888.00 and start your earnings in 8 different ways.

  •   Retail Profit 20% up to 50%
  •   Direct Sales Bonus 10%
  •   Fast Start Override Php20 to 10th LEVEL
  •   Pairing Bonus Php 500.00
  •   UniLevel Repeat Purchase up to 10th LEVEL
  •   Monthly Sales Pool Sharing
  •   Royalty Income
  •   Corporate Accounts

You can find 100% organic natural on the beauty products. Other products are doctors recommended.

The company advocacy is to save our mother earth. They encouragement is

“Let’s work hand on hand in bringing back the nature by using natural health and beauty products…. Turn your expenses into income by patronizing our own products and we will give you the best compensation plan that will lead you in fulfilling your dreams.” From: Dr. Jose Asa Sabili – Founding Chairman.


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