Setting Up Your Mobile Business


Setting up a business can be challenging; setting up a mobile business doubly so. Here’s a quick checklist of important things to remember when deciding to set up your new mobile business.

  • Get your licenses in order and come up with a business plan. Setting up a business can be tricky but must remain within the law at all times.
  • Contact the IRS and the Small Business Administration for information about how to set up your mobile business. Experienced, professional advice will go a long way towards easing you journey into mobile business ownership.
  • Create a website for your business. The majority of businesses now have website, whether they are mobile or not. You may want to employ the services of a website builder, SEO specialist or social media consultant, to help you begin to engage with your future customer base.
  • Set up a business bank account and consider which payment options you will set up to be used by your customers. Sit down with your account manager and discuss all of your options in depth before making a decision, especially if you don’t have a financial advisor attached to your company.
  • Estimate the worth of your business, services and/or products. This will help you to find investors and sell effectively to your customers.
  • Research and hire employees, should you need them. In addition, consider outsourcing as a viable alternative to maintaining your own services. A telephone answering service could be particularly useful if you expect a high volume of calls but don’t yourself have the time or facilities to deal with them.

Sensible Outsourcing for Savvy Entrepreneurs

Any business can benefit from outsourcing, whether it’s a large company or a small one. And mobile businesses can benefit even more from outsourcing because it eases the tricky negotiation between providing good service and needing to maintain a physical space from which to run your business.

Being able to provide good customer service is vital for the smooth and successful running of your business, which is why so many companies choose to outsource their customer service to experienced, professional vendors. Call answering is just one of the many facilities which you may need to invest in for your business so it’s important that you find the right outsourcing company and spend time building up a good working relationship with them. Once you’ve successfully outsourced your business needs to a quality provider, you will then be free to manage and grow your mobile business from anywhere in the world without compromising on efficiency, reliability, or customer care.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Aberdeen-based call answering company Phoenix 27/7 Call Answering is dedicated to providing you with superior communication services across the UK and beyond.

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