So the public may know. Please report this fake Nworld page. Due to the phenom…


So the public may know. Please report this fake Nworld page.

Due to the phenomenal success of #Nworld, some online predators have thought of this ingenious way of preying upon unlikely victims using and taking advantage of NWorld’s boom.

Thus, we hereby bring to the notice of the Public at large that:

?There is this certain Facebook Page: (see attached image) claiming or giving the impression that it is the ?official ?NWorld Facebook page and even went further by stating and posting all ?relevant ?company information such as Nworld’s business address, contact numbers and ?email ?address to cement the portrayal of this FAKE NWORLD page as the official Nworld page.

?The page is advertising NWorld products to be consistent with its ploy to pose as the official Nworld Facebook page. This page is offering ten (10) Iphone 7 plus as ?its Christmas giveaway. This is where we drew the motive of this page to deceive people in one way or the other because NWORLD DOES NOT HAVE ANY CURRENT PROMO OR GIVEAWAY OF IPHONE 7 OR WHATSOEVER GADGET. This Page and Promotion is NOT SANCTIONED by Nworld.

Official Nworld ?announcements and corporate communications about company updates are disseminated ONLY on our official ?communications platform through the following:
a. Official website:;

b. Official Facebook page: (NWorld – AlphanetworldCorporation);

?c. NWorld President’s Facebook account –

We are also considering the idea that this page intends to smear the reputation and good name of our beloved company through its deceitful use of our name and claim of what seems to be a generous giveaway from Nworld while there was NO such promotion ever issued by the company.

For future references and inquiries, please only transact with official Nworld website, Facebook page, representative or via bonafide independent distributors or #Ntrepreneurs. You may also reach us through the following contact hotlines that are included in the ABOUT section of this page.

We appeal to your good senses and conscience to help us put an end to this deceitful act. You may extend us your helping hand by stop engaging its promotions and posts and by immediately reporting the linked page to Facebook.

Again, the Facebook page is a FAKE page of Nworld. Please warn your family members, friends, and others who may have encountered this gimmick before it victimizes anybody.

For your guidance and information.

Thank you.

NWorld – Alphanetworld Corporation

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