So the public may know. This person, Mr. Michael Salcedo, whose profile screen…


So the public may know.

This person, Mr. Michael Salcedo, whose profile screenshots are attached, is utilizing a scheme which are NOT approved by #AlphanetworldCorporation nor in accordance to our program to attract customers. He uses our company’s products to attract customers and pretends to be an independent distributor to win the trust of our #Ntrepreneurs Please refrain from dealing with this person as far as #NWorld matters are concerned. He has registered accommodation NTCs, paid for by a sponsor, under at least two different groups. He has solicited funds and products from several distributors whom he has played for fools and never returned payment and/or their monies. He may be wearing our shirt or selling some of our products to earn acquaintance or support from our fellows but these gimmicks are not tolerated in our company. We are investigating further his motives and agenda behind. Let us be vigilant.

To see our one and only program, please visit this link —

Visit our official website to view our policies and legal notices:

We will never tolerate any exploitation of our program nor the use of our name to satisfy the scheme of those who wish to advance their personal interests at the expense of our company. May you help us further by submitting your reports to or or at this page.

For your guidance and information.

Have lovely evening ahead #Ntrepreneurs

NWorld – Alphanetworld Corporation

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