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Steps to Success: Decision, Commitment, Planning, Preparation and Action


It takes courage to decide and commit. If you don’t decide nor plan for your life, somebody else will. You know that you wouldn’t be given priority by people who have you as part of their plan or who decide for you.


Decide what you want in life. Will doing the business make/help you realize what you want?


It’s one thing to decide what you want. It’s another thing to make a commitment. A commitment is like a signature on a contract. When you make a deep commitment to a goal, powerful forces come into play, propelling you toward that goal. Many people go through life making decisions but dancing around their commitments. If you want to control your destiny, you must be willing to make a decision on what you want and to make a commitment to achieve it.

To make a successful commitment, you need to do these things:

  • Say goodbye to the past
  • Create your future
  • Cross your Rubicon

You can’t take charge of your life without an awareness of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. You can’t bind your life on the past. The past is gone. Nor you can allow your destiny to be limited by present circumstances. The present is fleeting. The only place left to build your life is in the future. You can create the future by forming a clear vivid picture of what you want and fixing your mental and emotional eyes on that picture.

The past is over. Enjoy the good memories, use the bad ones as lessons in life, and get ready to make some new ones. Your focus should be on the future. The first thing you have to do if you want to commit yourself to a dream is to ditch the past. This means seeking, accepting and embracing change.

Crossing your Rubicon means cutting yourself loose from all your for inaction. Crossing the Rubicon involves risk, but risk taking is an important ingredient in success.


You can’t dream your way into the future. You have to have a plan. You have to know where you want to go and decide how you’re getting to get there.

As you develop your plan, keep this point in mind:

Your present circumstances do not control your options. They establish a starting point, but they don’t determine your destination. To plan effectively, you need to: Set goals, Set priorities and Develop strategies.


You have to execute all of this things. Your action will be more easier if you have all of these preparations. You must act now while others are waiting. Tomorrow is the day reserve for the labor of the lazy. Act as you are already successful and you will end up being successful.

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