Do you need MLM Business Consultant?

It is always good to know the basic things before you engage in MLM business. Consultation is best when you want to learn and get more idea about certain things. Please get more information as much as you want from different sources for you to compare them. Your studies will be more concrete when you have all the data gathered information.

MLM Business Leaders

Look for the leaders who move and push the sales. They know more about handling people and how to grow organizations. Ask them what it takes to build big organization and how much effort and sacrifices they make to achieved their goals. Some of them are friend of mine who is Gilbert Ramos from Sante, Ver Giray from Gold Life and Billy Dela Fuente from USANA. I also recommend kuya Ereneo De Padua for he already made over 50 AIM Global millionaires in his organizations. Their experience is worth to learn about building organizations.

MLM Business Company

Learn from the successful MLM Companies owners. They already know the struggle, ups and down of the business. You are lucky and privilege to know if they share secrets how they manage to stand up and keep the company strong. You can approach visionary leaders like Dr. Eduardo “Ed” Cabantog and ask for interview. He manages to bring AIM Global as one of the most successful MLM Company in the Philippines. I also recommend my friend Butch Buteng of Victory Global for taking care of the company with his leadership and deep concern to his people.

MLM Business Tools

Find the best information technology experts. They may know nothing about MLM but they can create a good system for you how you will manage all the transaction accurately. They make everything efficient and keep all records safe in the database. There are so many IT company that can offer you a good deal the more it is expensive the better but it is also depend on the people behind. You must be careful and check the track record if they really can deliver on time.

Be responsible and look for a lawyer to take care of the company legalities and protections. You must learn to do business legitimately under the law. Financial audit and book keeping is a very sensitive record. You must be aware of every detail of your business and must know how handle them. It is very important to make everything in your company safe and secure and a good lawyer is very important.

Economist can give you the best advice to position your business in the future. They can give better forecast of what will be the need and demand of the future. You must visualize with them how is your company doing well in the future. You can get news what is trending and foresee what is going to be in the future.

You can avoid the risk in the business when you learn from consultations. You can gain their experience by asking and learning from them. You can also do the business in more efficient and effective way because of the information that you get. Having a consultation does not really require money. Successful and rich people don’t really need your money! You can please them by complement, gratitude and acknowledgement. Most likely they can offer a good deal when you talk to them so don’t worry about asking and having a conversation with them.

Some consultants are asking for money and everything he says will also benefits him. He can suggest the best product to sell in the market and he will supply it to you. He can recommend a good IT system but he has a commission on it. He will tell some story that never exist and its up to you to believe. That is why I recommend consulting more people to keep you on the right track.

You can find these people on the event like Asian Networkers Convention and Expo. This is the gathering of the leaders in network marketing and direct selling industries. It is your chance to meet and learn from them. Save the date for the 3rd ANCE on September 2015.

Either you are going to build and create new company or to become new member of the company. It is your responsible know things first before you do it. You need to know and consult people and learn from them.

3rd Asian Networkers Convention and Expo 2015

The prestige event for network marketing gathering is on the making and announced the upcoming schedule of the 3rd ANCE this September 7-9, 2015. The event is promise to be held back in Manila. The exact venue is soon to be announced.

If you feel overwhelmed with 2nd ANCE from top-notch speakers and motivator, the 3rd ANCE will be more exciting this year.

The Convention Objectives of ANCE 2015

  • To strengthen the Network Marketing Industry which has been around for over 70 years.
  • To educate Distributors and Professionals on the Ethics of the Industry.
  • To empower and educate on employment and financial freedom.
  • To bring together the industries best on one platform.
  • To recognize and award the companies and leaders who have made a difference in the industry.

It will be more advantage to us Filipino networkers to attend the 3rd ANCE because it will happen in Manila and speakers from abroad are coming here. The speakers are soon to be announce in their website. This gathering is an opportunity to learn and to educate how to do network marketing, as it is the convention objective.

The team behind ANCE 2015

Shahin Noble Pilli – President

Mr. Shahin Noble Pilli is the man behind World of Professionals, Thailand Professionals, International Association of Higher and Secondary Education, and the founder of Asian Networkers Convention and Expo.

Tom “BIG AL” Schreiter

TOM BIG AL started his career in network marketing back in 1972; he has authored six books on recruiting. Tom Big Al Conducts one- and two-day Power Marketing & Promotions Workshops.

Robert Butwin – Chief Advisor

Robert Butwin has been in the business for thirty years, and has work as the top distributor for many network marketing company. He is currently a renowned mentor, and life coach for network marketing. We are pleased to announce that he is part of the team who made ANCE 2015 possible.

Dr. Steve Taubman

Bestselling author, Dr. Steve Taubman (The Network Marketers Hypnotist). has been creating transformational programs for the last decade to help networkers rewire their minds for success and get into action.
Some of Dr. Steve’s award-winning programs include:

  • UnHypnosis: Wake Up, Start Over, and Create the Life You’re Meant to Live… #1 Bestseller
  • UnHypnosis for Network Marketers: Top 25 Must Have Product by Direct Selling Live
  • The Magic of Inner Selling Audio Training Series: 5 Steps for Mastering the Art of Selling
  • Procrastination Annihilation: 6-Week Procrastination-to-Profitability Home Study Course
  • The 21-Day Challenge: 3-Week Team-Based Program for Increasing Recruits by 40-50%

Dr. Steve blends empowering tools, tips and strategies with a proprietary self-hypnosis process called unhypnosis to eliminate mental barriers to success and implant results-oriented beliefs into field reps from top network marketing leaders.
Dr. Steve’s training style combines humor, magic, and awe-inspiring demonstrations to help participants experience breakthroughs that last a lifetime.

Dr. Steve is a regular contributor and an expert trainer for such industry standards as Networking Times, The Network Marketing Magazine, Direct Selling Live, The Tom Chenault Radio Show, ANMP, MLMIA, DSWA, and many more. His live programs and learning resources have been acknowledged throughout the network marketing industry for creating up to 50% increases in team productivity.

Dr. Steve is considered one of the network marketing industry’s most potent resources and most entertaining presenters. To learn more about Dr. Steve, visit

2nd Asian Networkers Convention and Expo 2014 Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the World of Professionals (WOP) Awards 2014!

Let’s continue to Elevate our industry and bring about meaningful change together.



People’s Choice Award for Best Speaker:


Most Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award:

IVY CARISA SEPE (Usana Health Sciences)

Most Inspiring Story of the Year Award:


Best Consultant of the Year Award:

VINTER CHAO (Immuno Consultancy Ltd.)

Visionary Leader of the Year Award:

JESUS JOEL MARCELO (Sante International)

People’s Choice Award for Leadership:

JOSEPH N. LIM (AIM Global Inc.)

Asian Business Leader of the Year Award:

SUSAN BARLIN (Forever Rich International)

Best Leader of the Year Award (Male Category):

BILLY JAMES DELA FUENTE (Usana Health Sciences)

Best Leader of the Year Award (Female Category):



People’s Choice for Best New Company Award


Most Innovative Company of the Year Award

KDSI (Rising YUEra International Inc.)

Vision Excellence Award


People’s Choice for Best Company Award


Evan Klassen Invite Us to Join The 2nd Asian Networkers Convention & Expo 2014.

Hi Guys, What’s up! This is Evan Klassen from Hawaii. I am so trill and excited to come to the 2nd Asian Networkers Convention and Expo in Manila, Philippines on 18-20th of August. We will have many grate world speakers and people come together to learn about this industry and I am very honor to be there to speak and as well as to perform. And I hope to see you there, If your not make up your mind yet, come and join us because we going to have some grate time with many-many people that will be there at the convention. We hope you’ll join us. This is Evan live from Hawaii coming at you. It’s a great life.

Evan Klassen, Is a singer and a Networker. He will be performing live at the Gala Dinner and Award Night for the 2nd Asian Networkers Convention & Expo

Vanessa Horn Invite Us to Join The 2nd Asian Networkers Convention & Expo 2014.

Hello! My name is Vanessa Horn. I am one of the speakers of this year Asian Networkers Convention and Expo. I want to personally invite you to Manila Philippines on August 18 to 20th. As the speaker, I have been really impress by the organizer and the extent to which they are making a certain that the attendee of this conference get the highest caliber of training possible. This is the renown Asian Networkers event. I invite you come check out the line up of speakers that we have. I will be speaking on profit with on or how to succeed in in network marketing, without burning out, selling out, or losing out. I look forward to see you there. Gracious.

Watch it on YouTube:

2nd Asian Networker Convention and Expo 2014

This is great opportunity to learn with the successful people in MLM and Direct Selling Industry. Philippines will take advantage for having this convention hosted at World Trade Center in Manila.

Socializing with local and international leaders in the industry will be more fun in the Philippines with the prepared programs and activities during the 3 days conventions.

There will be a speakers that will share their success and experience to keep us inspired and motivated. This will help to elevate the way how we do the business.

You can walk around and see the booth of exhibitors representing their company. Its good to meet new leaders and connect with them, getting to know others can make a difference.

There will be a galla socializing and awarding of for solo category and company category. Its nice to received a very prestigious award from 2nd Asian Networkers Convention and Expo.

For those who what to buy ticket you can ask me how and I will be more willing to assist you.