The Gold Prices and Silver Prices

I want to talk about the value of gold and silver today versus the value of it in the future. When it comes to investing, these two precious metals is the next big things as quoted by Robert Kiosaki.

The value of gold and silver today is cheaper than the next 5 five to 10 ten years or in the long term. It is because of the demand of its usage in our technology. Our electronic devices and and appliances contain silver and some of them contain gold. These kind of metal can’t be created or reproduce. You have to mine and discover to get it.

That is why gold, silver and other precious metal will be in high demand for the next few years.

Recovering gold or recycling gold is much easier than silver.
This can effect the value of silver to increase better than gold when the demand become high. This is what I’ve learn from FX 153 Pte Ltd – Mark Tan S.H when he share some investment tips in Singapore International Coin Fair 2012 which is held at Sands Expo and Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on March 30 to April 1, 2012.

My friend Billy Chiam bring me there to assist him to with his gold and silver products. He was lucky that the product is almost sold out. I notice that people rush to buy silver after they listen to Mark Tan advice.

When you can not afford or it is not possible to buy a square meter of land then its time to buy gold and silver. This can help you start to become an investor.

You can buy toys today as the same prices of gold, but your toys will depreciate its value while gold is not.