Success is a matter of choice, not chance

You have to make a decision first. The Foundation of Success is Belief. You can’t attain success unless you first believe you can.


The enemies of belief – doubts and fears

Doubts and fears come from low self-confidence, low self-esteem, lack of knowledge, lack of trust in you, lack of exposure.

When fear or doubt sets in, belief is shaken. This is followed by failure, then discouragement. Discouragement paralyzes the will to do something and the strength to carry out. Discouragement is a murderer for it kills strength, vision and confidence.

Always analyze the reasons or the bases behind someone’s advice. Is it out of fear or doubt? If somebody (a relative or a friend) discourages you from pursuing this business, ask that person if he can help you become financially secure and observe his reactions. Test his sincerity.