SEC Advisory Online Monoline Marketing Scheme

I would like to post the SEC Advisory posted on March 25, 2013 on the this link

The source was from the SEC website providing people awareness and good advisory.

Mandaluyong City
25 March 2013

Online Monoline Marketing Scheme

Beware of On line, Monoline marketing scheme assuring potential investor of at least 3,000 Pesos income for three (3) heads or 30,000.00 for maximum cycle, less standard monoline deduction, per month.

To join, an investor has to buy one Vitamin C product kit for P1,000.00 at a promo discounted price and recruit two directs or take (3) heads at a cost of P3,000.00.

Think first before you invest. Verify or investigate the legal existence of the firm you are dealing with, the quality of the product, the credibility and competence of the people managing it, whether or not it is authorized to engage in the intended business activities, and the safety, soundness and financial viability of the investment.

Remember, it is questionable deal if the money you will earn i dependent on the number of the participants you can recruit and not on real products and real sales.

For the purpose, you may inquire from the Corporation Finance Department of the SEC with telephone number 5846103 or 5845950 or the Enforcement and Prosecution Department of the SEC at telephone number 5847187

You can then read the tagalog version of this on the link provided.

Monoline Company Failed to Deliver Payout

You can hear so many reasons why the bonuses or payout of the distributor had been delayed. The question is; does the company income turn to be negative when giving their very promising compensation plan?

Our System Had Been Hack?

Even if your system had been hacked, the company must provide and give the bonuses of the distributors. Distributor can always consider the down fall of the company but they please to have a fair business.

The Over Pay Out

The fault in your marketing plan is company responsibility. People join and invest in your membership because they believe in the program and the marketing system. The distributor’s job is to share the business and get their incentives, bonuses, and commission on the scheduled date. The company must provide the system and the promise earnings of all members.

I.T. Person Problem

When the company doesn’t invest on the IT infrastructure then it will be a good problem to solve. It is okay to start with a low end IT infrastructures and facilities and hire a good in-house programmer.  In-house IT can immediately address any concern regarding the system and back up everything from time to time. Don’t rely on one IT person in your company, get at least five who knows how to run the system and understand every detail of the system and program.

The management becomes greedy.

I hope that money cannot control your attitudes. Money is power and if you become obsess and greedy then your business partner and the company itself may suffer. Always appreciate what is left for you, it is always good to share your part and get more hopes to receive more blessings.

The distributors frustrate the company

The company is always trying to solve the problem but the distributor keeps on butting in. When the company gets tired and also lost their patient on the distributors complain, then it is very easy for them to close down and declare bankruptcy.

In my opinion

The compensation plan has not been tested before they actually put in to the business. Simulation is very important, by checking the actual number of distributor and accounting ledger of in and out of money can give you the right answers. The programmer is not responsible for the outcome of the computation; they will do a program that the company designed.

The symptoms of fly by night monoline mlm company

It is too good to be true about mono-line lucrative compensation plan can offer. Most people ask if the company can still profit afterwards. I can remember the words from Mr. Eddy Chai about the company owner who is only playing games. Are you the kind of person who want to test the water first before you jump in.

They are very professional in hyping people to join. You really wanted to join even the presentation is not yet over. Good sales talks are not bad and you cannot figure if what they are saying is true. But you might say yes when it is too good to be true.

The company owner is not visible.

Sharing good blessing is nice and the people will always love to give more thanks. Owners don’t need to cover up or hide their identity if they are honest generous. The master mind and the management of the company must be in good relation to each other. This will avoid company break away which lead to forming new company.

The Bonus is not release 100 percent.

When the compensation is made, it should be perfect for distributing the profits. The company must not create a bonus that will eat up your capital and fund. In traditional business we learn that the feasibility study is very important. Why would the company suddenly not giving your bonus at 100 percent or delayed it. Sure there is a problem that will be arise and hope to be solved. Be careful when the company shows this kind of symptoms.

Unreliable Service and Promises

The company promises and sweet talks convince us to trust them but later you find more excuse and trouble. Starting company must strive to improve from time to time, this is the sign that the company wants to keep its business and grow. Business representation like office facilities, technology, products and customer service must always be improved. Be careful when you don’t notice improvement since the day that you know the company.

The list of fly-by-night mlm company started with monoline.

Nothing here so far since this kind of trending is just beginning. We don’t want to see our company listed here in the future.

MLM Trend Monoline News

The network marketing compensation plan for this year 2013 is trending for monoline fast track income streams. The straight line force matrix was very good but lazy people will always find a way to improve it. Mono means single and it is pertaining to fall in one line. When this is applied to the network then who every join or become member of the company will be place under you. That is the rule but the qualifications to earn incentives are defend on the marketing strategies.

Most type of requirements is to buy the required volume of products to earn incentives. Some incentives are design to profit depending on the number of your direct referrals. Auto ship or reactivation of account requires to make the system cycle for continues product movements. These are the basics concept how monoline compensation plan deliver its bonus to the distributors.

Joining monoline is safe?

Monoline is the only line of the network which is use to divide the profit. It will only be safe if the company gives the right profit margin and profit shares.

Check the owners’ track records and find all the good and bad information about them. Base on the information analyze and check if the company will only stand today and fly by night.

Timing is important in monoline?

Your decision must be quick. But always be careful, good things happen for those who learn about the company and what is all about. Network marketing will not always talk about how you make money. It can build and destroy relationship too.

How much is the monoline MLM System?

The regular price of MLM software that can be found on the internet estimate is usually not less than $500 USD. But it does not guaranty to work the way you want it to. Looking for Database Programing expert is the best option to customize your MLM system. An expert programmer will always ask for at least $5,000.00 or P200,000.00 for the customization of the MLM System.

You can contact me if you need an expert database programmer and web developer. I will only recommend professional and very credible programmer and I am please to introduce my team.

Monoline MLM Breakthrough

This year 2013, Monoline becomes more popular since it was introduce by Mandura “the first company ever to implement a compensation plan called the Straight Line Forced Matrix way back October 2008.” The old school of network marketing will always work but innovation will always stand out. Monoline is a breakthrough fast start income that gives momentum on unilevel, binary, and stair steps compensation plan.

Company who start with Monoline

  • Mandura
  • Xyngular
  • Oks-Global
  • Lifestyle M&Co
  • PDA Rice Network Enterprises
  • Elite Gold Access –

The company who adopted monoline

  • Ultimaxbiz
  • Clasique Herbs
  • VitaHerbs
  • PeakLife
  • Lifestyle M&Co

The advantage of monoline

You will get an organization with the help you your upline and watch them grow. You can practice your responsibility as an upline. Of course you get compensated fast depending on the percentage that the company put on your line and level.

How monoline works?

The structure of your downline will be base on the time stamp of joining. Simply it is a first come first serve and who ever join after you will be your network. Even the new distributor was invited by your upline, the system implement the rules that who ever come first deserved to get benefits. The bonus will always depend on the compensation policy of the company using this monoline system. Some other requires you to sponsor at least two people to be qualified in the bonus and maintenance. Check your company compensation manual and learn the policy.

Why Monoline is good, better or the best?

Eddy Chai is one of the non-believers of mono-line. “I have not studied the Mono-Line plan. You all know that I am a strong believer that wide is the only way to go in MLM and that even binary or any Forced Matrix plan is not a good idea.” – Eddy Chaisource facebook

I understand from what he said that he did not studied the mono-line.

Straight line force matrix has been proved by Mandura and Xyngular to help the distributor to be able to get momentum in fast start income. The system can be followed by another kind of compensation plan like, unilevel, binary or stair step bonus.

Other people believe that Mono-line is for lazy people, but it isn’t true for the people who have the real intention to help. You still have the option to work and invite more so mono-line don’t break the rule that you should stop sharing. It so happen that monoline let you leverage on the people who will join before and after you. It its because even your upline will always place a new distributor on the new member.