Join the lucrative digital currency revolution
and turn your profits into gold!

Introducing Ilgamos: digital currency and gold

Ilgamos is a group of young, dynamic and innovative marketing companies established in the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Hong Kong. Ilgamos is the first global network marketing system offering the unique benefits of a digital currency and gold in one business model to millions of people worldwide.

ILGAMOS Products

Ilgamos provides an avenue for individuals and families around the world to create wealth through participating in the exciting process of digital currency mining and trading, as well as to preserve their wealth through building their gold reserves step by step. (Ilgamos itself sells no physical gold ot other tangible products, instead we offer promotional packages that enable our customers to purchase such products from our professional, licensed suppliers at favourable conditions.)

Why Gold?

Gold has been synonymous with wealth, power and financial security for thousands of years. Over the last decade smart investors, small and large alike, have turned with renewed attention to physical gold as a safe haven in the midst of economic uncertainties. Gold provides long term protection against inflation and changes in Government attitudes. When you have gold, you have money.


How to Earn from ILGAMOS

Direct Referral and Pass up Commission explained.

You will earn referral commission every time your bring people and decide to join the program. You will get 30 euros from the odd-numbers signup and your sponsor will receive 30 euros for all the even number signup. They must bought the entry pack for you and for your sponsor to received 30 euros commission.

Example :

1st Referral – You will get 30EUROS
2nd Referral – Your sponsor will get 30EUROS
3rd Referral – You will get 30EUROS
4th Referral – Your sponsor will get 30EUROS
5th Referral – You will get 30EUROS
6th Referral – Your sponsor will get 30EUROS
7th Referral – You will get 30EUROS
8th Referral – Your sponsor will get 30EUROS
9th Referral – You will get 30EUROS
10th Referral – Your sponsor will get 30EUROS

To make the example clear, let’s say that you bring your first friend and decide to join. Then you will earn 30 euros from the referral bonus. When your second friend join, then your sponsor will get 30 euros and that is what we call pass-up commission. All of your referrals that fall to odd numbers will be your direct referral bonus and all even numbers will be your sponsor pass-up commission.

Please take note that all of your referrals that fall to even number will become the direct of your sponsors.

50% match bonus explained

You will get 50% match bonus to all of your direct referral. If the total earnings of your referral is 10000 euros, then you we get 5000 euros match bonus.

Example! You refer 4 friends! Friend one earn 300 euros, friend two earn 400 euros, friend three earn 200 euros and friend four earn 100 euros for the total of 10,000 euros. This is how you get 5000 euros.

How to start Ilgamos?

Have someone introduce you Ilgamos and understand the presentations. You can watch video presentation. Ask questions to your sponsors to make you understand more and makes things clear.

You must register on your sponsors given link and you will get 14-days free trial. This will allow you to invite and start the business. You must remain active by purchasing entry pack.

Compensation Plan: Watch the Ilgamos Video Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the common FAQs that might help you to clear out something in your mind. You can find more Ilgamos Frequently Asked Questions here.

How to register or join Ilgamos?

Open your sponsors’ link and click Join Now. If I am your sponsor and my link is dlysen then the link should be like this Your sponsors’ full name must appear on the registration form.

Where are the legal documents of Ilgamos?
You can download “Ilgamos Intl Ltd RAK Certificate of Incorporation.pdf” on your back office download page.
Ilgamos Intl Ltd RAK Certificate of Incorporation download

How much do I need to purchase to remain active?

You can purchase Entry Pack €45, Basic Pack €210, Medium Pack €600 etc – these are one-time payments. Only the Partner Pack €15 is each month – to keep your Office active.

How can I add funds to buy package?

You can do money transfers:

  • bank transfer;
  • internal transfer from your upline’s Ilgamos eWallet;
  • through your account with Perfect Money ;
  • using VISA & MasterCard (to purchase the Entry, Basic and Partner Packs only);
  • transferring bitcoins.

Your can get funds after successful transfer to your account.

What is the Ilgamos refund policy?

Ilgamos offers all partners a 14-day free trial period, beginning on the day of their original registration. During this 14-day free trial period they have time to become familiar with the systems and business concept of Ilgamos. They can also use their web office without any charges or obligations. If they decide not to proceed further by activating their free position, their free position will automatically be cancelled after 14 days and all personal data will be deleted from the Ilgamos database. The number of days left from this 14 day free period can be seen in the „Live” column in all partners’ web office. Funds loaded to the registered partner’s Ilgamos eWallet during the 14-day free period are fully refundable unless any or all of the packs offered by Ilgamos have already been purchased. In this case Ilgamos guarantees to refund within 30 days in full all funds transferred to the partner’s eWallet (minus banking and transaction costs). Once the partner has purchased any or all of the packs within the 14-day free trial period, that partner may claim no refund. When partners purchase their pack(s) they agree to irrevocably waive their right to a refund.

How do I get paid or withdraw my earnings

You can process your withdrawal anytime.

The Founders

  • Tamas GODO
  • Viktor Tamas HAVASY

Office Location

6th Floor, Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

R&G Mentor GmbH
Neuhauserstr. 25. D-80331 München GERMANY

Ilgamos International Limited
25 Ko Tong Village, Pak Tam Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Optrimax Plum Delite Review

Pickled plum with probiotics, green tea and pu-er tea mix!

Whole plum, specially pickled with probiotics, Green Tea and Pu-er Tea powder, that provides a good source of fibre and promotes excellent healthy bowel movements, ensuring the easy removal of waste materials from our digestive system.


Each and every plum is handpicked when they are 70-80% ripe to assure that only the most succulent plums are chosen. These choice plums are then meticulously pickled over 6 months in a premium concoction using special vats for that proprietary good taste.

Micro-punctures made in the skin prior to the pickling process optimize the pickled taste and allow thorough permeation of the probiotics and tea mix for maximum effects thereafter.

  • Plums provide a zero-fat good-tasting source of fibre.
  • Green Tea and Pu-er Tea mix reduces fat absorption, empowering you to achieve your desirable body weight quickly.
  • Probiotics improve intestinal health and promote effective detoxification, minimising beauty and health problems while helping you attain that slim silhouette.

Direction of use

Take 1 Plum Delite after lunch or dinner. For best results, ensure adequate intake of at least 1.5L of water daily.


Princess Calilung -59kg

I have been obese since childhood and always got bullied for being a “BIG GIRL”. I have even experienced being the talk of the town at every family reunion and other gatherings for my weight condition. This had led me to have a very low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and even pent-up frustrations.

In my desperation, I’d tried whatever it took just for me to lose weight, such as pills, coffee, chocolate drinks, tea and even shakes, while going to the gym, yoga and dance classes. All of these just piled up to my disappointments with no results.

It was indeed a blessing that a friend introduced Optrimax Plum Delite to me in August 2013, and everything changed drastically in just five days! I’d lost 6kg without any effort and indeed, it lives up to its claim, “NO DIETS NO EXERCISE!”

I’m currently on my sixth box, and two months of being a member of BWL Health & Sciences. I’m happily proud to say that I now weigh at 100kg from 159kg!

Frustrations now gone and feeling healthy at the same time; thanks to my health buddy, Optrimax Plum Delite!

You can find more testimonial here: and

NATURE Z-C Vitamin C

NATURE Z-C Vitamin C Calcium Ascorbate with Moring forte, Soy Science and ZINC the Non-Sodium and Non-Acidic Vitamin C

Calcium Ascorbate is natural form of Vitamin C, wich is much more readily absorbed in the blood stream and is better than Sodium ascorbate as a source of Ascorbic acid because sodium often raise blood pressure.

Advantages:Calcium Ascorbate is a neutral salt and not acid, therefore, more people can take larger amounts without acid upset or diarrhea. Equally important is that Calcium Ascorbate replenishes the calcium that is excreted in the urine due to the chelating properties of Vitamin C.

Zinc is a mineral that is vital to many biological functions such as immune resistance, wound healing, digestion, reproduction, physical growth, diabetes control, taste and smell. The main biochemicals in which zinc has been found to be necessary include: enzymes and enzymatic function, carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis. More than 300 enzymes in the human body require zinc for proper functioning. It is estimated that 3000 of the 100,000 or so proteins involved in human life contain zinc. Many cells secrete zinc, including the pancreas (which also secretes insulin), the salivary gland, and the prostate gland. Immune cells also secrete zinc. Zinc is an important mineral which is essential for protein synthesis and which helps to regulate the production of cells in the body’s immune system.

Moringa is a significant source of BETA CAROTINE, PROTEIN, IRON and POTASSIUM. The tree is in full leaf at the end of the dry season when other foods are typically scarce. Moringa leaves contain more Vitamin A than carrots, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, more Vitamin C than oranges, and more potassium than bananas, and that the protein quality of Moringa leaves rivals that of milk and eggs. The nutritional properties of Moringa are now so well known that there seems to be little doubt of the substantial health benefit to be realized by consumption of Moringa leaf powder in situations where starvation is imminent. Moringa tree supplies us with Moringa Leaves, Moringa Fruits, Moringa flowers, Moringa seeds, Moringa Oil which are health beneficiary.