Barley grass protects human cells and DNA from X-ray damage

Green Barley is one of the top selling products in network marketing industry because of the users testimonials and benefits. You can find more information about green barley on Google.

Studies in Japan on barley grass have shown that barley grass protects human cells and DNA from X-ray damage and some cancer-causing chemicals. This is probably because barley grass contains high levels of immune-boosting nutrients and chlorophyll.

Young barley leaves have a strong ability to absorb nutrients from the soil. Research at the Institute of Preventive Medicine in Washington discovered that barley grass juice can improve stamina, skin texture and sexual energy and can also reduce addictions.

Protection from radiation and cellular damage: Another beneficial effect of barley grass is its protective act against the cell destructing effects of UV radiations. It helps prevent as well as extends therapeutic relief on the existing damaged cell owing to the presence of superoxide dismustase enzymes. Regular consumption of barley grass juice aids in reducing the radiation stress in the people who are more prone to such exposure such as population in urban and large cites.

There are more benefits that you can get from barley.

  • Antioxidant power
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Immune system
  • Cancer
  • Protection from radiation and cellular damage
  • Fights addiction
  • Acid-alkali balance
  • Rejuvenating effects
  • Culinary usage

Barley Grass Juice

There’s finally a totally healthy “fast food”-as barley grass juice is called by Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, the Japanese authority on barley grass juice. Barley grass juice has an excellent nutrient profile and many advantages over wheat grass juice. It is a perfect food with a complete complex of vital substances. Expert Barbara Simonsohn reveals the secrets of this effective green elixir, including the experiences of barley grass pioneers and a large spectrum of recipes.

The Philippines Companies that are Selling Barley Products

There are many testimonials shared by the people who recover and gain their health back with the help of barley products. Many companies are now promoting barley because of customers demand. Even celebrities experience the healing power of barley when they got healed and survive from cancer breast like Maritoni Fernandez “actress” and prostate cancer survivor April Boy Regino “singer.”

Santé International the Barley Company

The barley company who introduce by “Kuya Kim Atienza.” Their tri-media advertisement and product testimonials help more people to know how barley can cure and improved our health. All of their products has green barley and already proved its effectiveness. They barley authority I know for selling pure green barley is Santé International.

Victory Global Unlimited System Inc.

VGCaps is the banner products of this company because of the amazing synergistic effect of the seven most nutritious vegetable in the Philippines. The barley products explosions to the market convince that green barley must be also in VGUSI product list. VGUSI introduces Barley Products last year 2012 and established many good user testimonials from using their brand Pure Green Barley.

My Livelihood My Business

This company introduces primarily the raw materials of livelihood products. Perfume making, dishwashing liquid, detergent powder, hand sanitizer and other house hold products are more on their promotions. Amazingly they also introduce barley products because its benefits. While the barley products are in demand then it will be good options on livelihood retail business.

Vita Herbs Philippines Direct Sales

I want to call this company “The coffee project” because they have their advantage in mixing coffee. They can create coffee on what ever ingredient that blends in coffee. Mixing barley in their coffee is a very good idea for coffee lover. People can enjoy the coffee while having the benefits of barley in their drinks.

Healthwealth International Corporation

Their green barley was the first barley products I used to try. They were the first to introduce barley to make it popular in the Philippines. (HWIC) was formally established last March 18, 2006, by a group of businessmen and professionals who aim to provide good nutrition and at the same time develop a livelihood for its customers and consumers. Having good health is being wealthy; being wealthy is to be healthy.

Where to buy Barley Products

You can look for the person who is a distributor of the product you like. You can also call the office numbers that you can found on their websites. You can also have the advantage to buy online but I recommend that it is best for you to visit the office and buy green barley products at the counter. I’ll be more willing to assist you if you like. You can leave a comment with your contact number and let me introduce my self properly to you.