The reasons why I chose to do network marketing.


You Can Surely Make Millions In MLM within 5 Years. – You may not become successful in your first and second year but your experiences and skills will be hone and matured. The third and fourth year may be not really good but it will make you wise enough do master your business. If you fail doing MLM in five years just don’t quit because I will tell you to have another five years. In ten years of doing MLM it is impossible for you not to make good income and if you don’t, you never learned MLM at all.

Time and Financial Freedom. – Life is wonderful when you have time freedom. That is when you can decide what to do anytime of the day. You can be more generous and kind if you are Financially free.

Love – Money can’t buy love, but money can give love when you share. Money is the sweat from your love. Love is invisible thing and you can only feel and see it in forms of giving.

Meeting People – “Hello! You are not stranger anymore, now you are my friend and business partner and today we will form a team to make this good business.” It is good to meet new people in your business but making friends are better.

I Know That My Dreams Are Not Achievable In Employment. – It is more realistic when I do Multi-Level Marketing. It is because your income is base on your group effort and not by yourself alone.

Family – When you become successful in MLM, your family and people close to you are proud. My family gives me the reason and a BIG Why? Why do I do MLM? It is because of the time and financial freedom; the love I can share with my family by doing MLM.

You – “Do I know you?” but you become the reason why I do MLM when you ask me to help you succeed in MLM. I can become successful when you become successful. Network marketing teaches me to multiply the system we have program.

Becoming More Christian – I wish to become instrument in giving God’s blessing.

The Products – Network marketing promotes much better and quality products.

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  1. Wealthy Perceptions
    Wealthy Perceptions says:

    Good day,

    I enjoy your blog and I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    I’m an investor, living in Australia and have been involved in a couple of Network Marketing in Australia. After these experiences, I feel that the most important factor which determine MLM success is passion. I felt the hype when I first started. Then when my upline started to fray, so did my passion.

    Now days, I’m a lot more experienced, wiser too, I hope 🙂 and I now choose carefully with whom I team up with. The underlying level of passion or the balance thereof amongst the up or down line is crucial.

    I recently started Network Marketing again, and this time it is with a company in the Philippines, even though I live in Sydney. So far, so good.

    Good luck to you, and I hope you don’t mind that I follow your post.

    Wealthy Perceptions

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